The Power Of Expectation

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“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.”
– Ephesians 2:8

By Bo Sanchez

There’s power in your expectation.

Do you expect healing?

Do you expect miracles?

I’ve been doing ministry for 31 years.

I’ve preached in both cities and barrios.

And here’s what I’ve noticed: When I hold healing prayer sessions, I see more miracles in the barrios than in the cities. I see more people healed in little towns than in big towns. Why? Because people there have simple faith. They have less doubts. They carry less intellectual baggage (aka pride).

In other words, they expect miracles.

And their bodies comply with their expectation.

I encourage you to expect healing.

Let me tell you the story of Liza, a close friend of mine. She has a powerful sharing.

One day, Liza found a small lump in her left breast.

She went to Asian Hospital and had it tested.

A few days after, she got the news that her biopsy was positive for a malignant tumor. On hearing the news, Liza and her husband, Benny, hugged and cried together.

The next days were very confusing. They were told to make a decision and to make it fast. The doctors recommended chemotherapy.

But through prayer, Liza and Benny decided not to go through chemo. Instead, Liza went through natural medicine.

She completely changed her lifestyle, her eating habits, eating no meat, no processed food, no dairy products and drinking 150 herbs a day.

Through all that, Liza kept her faith and positive attitude. Liza is one of the most vivacious woman I’ve ever met and — even amidst her cancer — she kept smiling, laughing and giving joy to people around her.


My friend Liza has been free from cancer for the past six years. Without the use of chemo or modern medicines.

Yes, miracles happen. Every day.

I pray for you: Open your life to healing.

Open your life to miracles.

Excerpt from Awaken the Healer in You by Bo Sanchez

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