Pimples And Miniskirts

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“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has
called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”
– Philippians 3:14

By Bo Sanchez

 When I was lying in my bed, yellow as a taxicab and afflicted with hepatitis, not a few incredulously asked why I was sick. They were shocked that I, “who’s so close to God,” could actually still get ill.


Listen: Before any other ideas come to your minds, I’m going to straighten things out for you.

I’m human.

Would you believe I get pimples on my face? I have six molars that are filled and two already root-canalled. No, not supernaturally by some angelic beings with laser beams, but by my wonderful neighbor dentist who always gives me a wonderful discount.

I’m dirty when I arrive home at night. The Lord does not cover me with an invisible shield throughout the day that repels dust, grime, smoke and mosquitoes.

Like many, I love (adore, worship and venerate) pizza, sushi, sashimi, and A&W rootbeer floats. No, not some heavenly manna sent to me by God that suddenly appears at my breakfast table with holy water from a holy rock under the kitchen sink. And for crying out loud, I don’t fast eight days a week.

Like the rest of you, I fall in love, get hurt and cry.

I sin. I get tempted when I see girls in miniskirts. I feel pride well up within me when people applaud what I do. I get envious when someone drives a car that’s better than the one I drive (or push, which is often). I get lazy, jealous, greedy, ambitious, insensitive, selfish…

I’m human.

And so are you.

P.S. Super saints. That’s what you and I will be in heaven. In God’s glorious home, I’m not going to have pimples. And from what I hear, everyone will be wearing very long, white, flowing gowns.

Excerpt from How to be Really, Really, Really Happy by Bo Sanchez

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