A Truth that Rocked My World

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Are you searching for answers for a big decision in your life? Do these questions sound familiar?
“Is he/she the one?”
“Is it time to propose?”
“Which vocation should I pursue?”
“Am I really for married life?”

Let me share you my story…

I remember that day very well.
I went to God and said, “Lord, this is my last day. This is Your last chance. I like both. Is it celibacy or marriage? You’ve got to help me…”
And that day, it happened.
I cannot fully describe to you what took place that fateful morning, except to say that it was one of the most mystical experiences of my life. But mind you, without the Hollywood pyrotechnics. (If Steven Spielberg interpreted that scene into film, he’d have laser lights shooting wildly from different directions, and I’d be levitating with translucent rainbows crisscrossing my body. Nope, it didn’t happen that way.)
On that day, I “met” the truth. A truth that was like a golden key that unlocked heavy chains that wrapped around my body for so many years—and they all fell, and I heard them crashing on the chapel floor. I was simply asking God to resolve whether I should marry or be celibate. But He gave me the truth that rocked my entire world.

Here’s what happened.
I was alone in that chapel, and it was as though everything around me—the entire universe—was speaking to my heart.
And I heard two words.

I Saw God’s Perfect Will in a Totally Different Way

The two simple words were: you choose.
I was stunned.
I answered, “But God, I need to know what is Your perfect will!”
And that was when I realized the craziest, most insane thing: at least in my own life, single life and married life are both in God’s perfect will.
For all those years, I had a limited view of this thing called God’s will.
It’s not so narrow after all! It could be very, very wide.
And it all made sense to me—God’s will is as big as God Himself!
Of course, I could choose either of those two options and I’d still be in His perfect will.

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