Bo's Devotionals

By Randel Serrano There’s a story of a philosophy professor who brought out a large jar, placed it before the class, and

by Bo Sanchez with Bene Sanchez Yes, He did.Even if that goodness isn’t too obvious.Because all we see are our weaknesses.But Genesis

“Since Christ Himself has said, ‘This is My Body,’who shall dare to doubt that it is His Body?”– St. Cyril of Jerusalem,

By Dr. Allan and Maribel Dionisio Lent 2023 affords us greater mobility compared to the past two years due to COVID-19. Hopefully,

I want to introduce the devil to you.Some of you may say, “No need to introduce him to me, Bo. I know

The speed of life can bring us to the point of burnout. We can feel so exhausted that we have nothing more