God Design You to Bounce

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God Design You to Bounce by Bo Sanchez

Have you noticed? Many of your problems don’t disappear overnight. Your pimples don’t disappear overnight. Your dandruff doesn’t disappear overnight. Even your husband doesn’t disappear overnight (and reappear as Chris Evans).

Here’s the truth: Life isn’t a straight road. It isn’t a smooth path. In fact, life has many potholes. Small, medium, large potholes, as well as nuclear-bombcrater potholes.

And when you fall into one of these gigantic potholes, you have a choice. You can either break, or you can bounce.

I’ve got news for you: God designed you to bounce.

Some people don’t know this. So when they fall, they break. They stay down. They give up. They throw in the towel. They quit.

Perhaps life is hard. Perhaps you’re being hit by many trials. Here’s my message for you: the harder you fall, the higher you fly.

Today may be like Good Friday and Black Saturday in your life, but your Easter Sunday is coming. A day will come when you’ll go to the tomb to grieve as usual, only to find out that the reason for your grief is gone.

On your Easter, God will remove the reason for your grief.

What am I saying?

On Easter Sunday, Jesus bounced.

He was supposed to be finished. Dead. Lost. Defeated. But Jesus was unbreakable. From the grave, He bounced.

The Bible says that the same power that caused Him to bounce is the same power that is at work in you (see Romans 8:11). You, too, can bounce from the grave. You, too, can bounce from your defeat. You, too, can bounce from your failure. You, too, can rise again.

My dear friend, bounce.

Shout it out: all will be well!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

*This excerpt is taken from Feast Magazine July 2020 issue.
Grab your e-magazine version available here.

Featured image is from Unsplash.com.

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