Stay Well in Time of Pandemic

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By Gina Verdolaga

Being healthy in mind, body, and spirit is the only treasure worth having these days where millions of people are getting sick because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let me share with you how:

1. Eat Right

A woman was seen inside a train, swallowing a spoonful of mayonnaise from a jar. True story! It’s an extreme example of an unhealthy snack. I’m sure we’re more aware of what not to eat. Be careful, however, if you rely on YouTube and other social media for food trends like the Keto diet, water/ juice cleanses, or fasting. Get good eating advice from certified nutrition professionals, not from influencers speaking from their personal experience only.

2. Disconnect

Do you feel your eyes watering and your energy draining after attending a virtual meet? That’s due to eye strain and trying to focus on several people’s expressions simultaneously, interrupting to speak or being interrupted, or multitasking while listening. Also, beware of “text neck,” which is bending your neck to look down at your electronic devices for extended periods. Take care of your vision and get your blood circulating by stepping back from the digital world.

3. Rest and Recreation

You might have irregular sleeping hours from sleeping too late or oversleeping. Set a time for rest and take power naps. Participate in pleasant and invigorating activities like doing exercise, playing games, bonding with friends, family, and pets. Enjoy your hobbies and learn new skills. Write a blog or in a journal to let off steam; express your anxieties and positive goals for the future.

4. Spiritual Deeds 

Feed your heart and enrich your spirit with charitable actions for those in need. Thank someone who was kind to you. Tell someone why you like or love them— making them happy will make you happy. Love yourself too.

Have faith and give praise to the Lord daily for keeping us in His loving care.

*This excerpt is taken from FiSH magazine V.18.04 | 2020
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