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Working Out By Pael Bustamante

Have you ever dreamt about having six-pack abs? Or an Instagram-worthy beach body photo? Or even just losing a few pounds before summer that you would also gain back after the season? Welcome to the club!

A growing trend among the young generation is being healthy and working out, and at the same time discovering and exploring different cuisines around the metro. Before the pandemic, that is.

I’m amazed by people who eat whatever they want yet still have that body we all dream of. That’s the moment I told myself: if they can do it, I can do it too.

I went to a gym with my sister and said to myself, “This is it! The road to #beachbod.” We started working out. My sister’s trainer looked after me and gave me things to do during that session. Fast-forward after the session: Man, my muscles felt really sore. I couldn’t even bend my arms for four days!

But that’s how we reach our dream body, right? We push our muscles to the limit, let them rest, and watch our diet to supplement our progress. We endure the intense pain each day we go to the gym. Just as the saying goes, no pain, no gain.

So what is it about working out that we young people get so obsessed with? Why is it that even if we experience pain to reach the desired body we want, we still go for it? Why do some people quit and some continue?

The good thing about working out is, even if it is painful and leaves us with questions, it gives us beautiful results.

Do you remember the times when you asked God why you had to go through hard times and all your doubts came rushing in? It’s the same thing with our relationship with Him.

Remember all the pain you’ve already dealt with throughout your lifetime. Be it at school, work, with your friends or family, or maybe your struggle with your spiritual life or self-identity, or whatever it is that brings pain in your life. It was hard, wasn’t it? Now look at how you are—stronger and better. It’s the same thing when you feel the pain in your muscles as you exercise. It’s painful, but you get better and stronger.

That’s how God works. He allows the pain in our lives because He wants us to become better and stronger. He allows us to struggle to prepare us for our dream life that He has already planned. No matter how hard the experience we are going through, God is always with us in our journey through life, where beautiful results await us in the end.

*This excerpt is taken from Fish Magazine V.18.09*
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