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Way You Look At Yourself by JPaul Hernandez

The amazing wedding band played the Frank Sinatra song “The Way You Look Tonight” as the bride and groom were having their first dance.

They then invited all the married couples to come forward to the dance floor and have their own romantic moment with their significant other. It was sweet, memorable, and stirred up a lot of romantic emotions between couples.

Weddings are lovely because it reminds us of how powerful love is and what it promises to people. For singles, it makes you look forward to your own wedding day; and for married couples, it makes you grateful for the journey you have with your partner.

Yes, a few people are bitter when they’re at a wedding because they’re reminded about being single or how terrible their marriage is.

I remember a friend who gave everything to his wife. Every hour, he would text her a full status report of what he’s doing, where he is, and who’s with him. He gave her the best gifts. They went out on dates thrice a week. He didn’t talk to other women and was completely loyal to her. But still, his wife was always jealous, suspicious, and defensive.

This woman was beautiful, smart, and a lovely person to be with. But because she saw herself negatively, her mind and emotions played tricks on her that made her doubt her trustworthy husband.

No matter how much he loved her, he could never prove his love enough to satisfy her. He got fed up and eventually separated from her. This woman couldn’t get a handle of her self-worth and it destroyed her most important relationship.

Our self-worth is so powerful. The way we see ourselves affects how we treat other people. Negative people gravitate toward negative things, such as problems, challenges, and untoward things that happen to us.

Positive, selfless relationships start when we embrace self-love. Relationships will never be perfect. People are not like natural science you can control if you know how they work. Dealing with people is not like understanding the laws of physics and potentially figuring out how that part of science works. There’s no formula that can help us decode people.

Dealing with others—no matter how holy or amazing they are—is messy. It’s always tricky, and the longer you are in love with someone, the more you discover new things about this person.

Today, I encourage you to create positive effects in your relationships by changing the way you look at yourself. The positive energy that is generated by your soul can be transferred to the people you meet and surround yourself with. You can never compute the help you give to someone who is struggling in life by being generous with your positive energy, self-worth, and mindset. Even if people are unkind to you, God is calling you to still be good to yourself and others. That’s how

God spreads love in this world.

Are you ready to love yourself more?

Are you ready to share this love to others?

Are you ready to create positive impact in this world through the love you give?

You are a force of love in this world.

*This excerpt is taken from Feast Magazine March 2020 issue.
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