The Greatest Magic of All

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The Greatest Magic of All
By Bo Sanchez

Your wish is powerful.

Your wish is like a little pebble thrown into the pond of the universe. When the pebble hits the water, ripples are created, spreading its impact far and wide.

Your wish impacts the world around you. Scientific studies are now showing that when you wish, “magic” happens. Molecules move. Biochemical reactions take place. Anomalies occur. The universe conspires and engineers and synergizes to make your wish come true.

Here’s my big question: Can you wish more blessings to come to your life?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Source: How to be a Blessing Magnet  by Bo Sanchez

The Power of a Wish

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” writes Paolo Coelho, one of today’s most popular authors. Imagine this: You’re just one person, and yet, every time you make a wish, all the universe would move its forces to help you make your wish come true. Wow! Isn’t that the most amazing thought in the world? You only ever have to wish it, in order for you to achieve it.

How is that even possible?

It’s because every time you make a wish, you send a signal to the Divine Wish Giver Himself—God! And every time you send a signal to God, there’s a 100% guarantee that He’ll answer you… in His perfect way, and His perfect time. God would always deliver. Of course, sometimes, there’d be slight modifications to your order, but that’s only because His plans are far greater and more amazing than ours could ever be.

Sadly, not everyone could grasp this truth. People would rather believe that wishes and dreams are best left for kids and fairy tales. Many people grow up jaded and cynical because at some point in their lives, something terrible would happen—their plans don’t push through, their hearts get broken, or worse, they would have to sacrifice their grand dreams for a more ‘practical’ one due to many reasons.

Oftentimes as well, we think that God’s blessings are limited. We often stop wishing for more blessings because we feel as if we don’t deserve more than what we’re already given. We have to stop thinking this way! Here’s the truth: There is no limit to God’s graces, blessings, and miracles. The amount of blessings we receive actually depends on our level of acceptance.

God planted those dreams in our hearts for a reason. He wants us to wish for more, to yearn for more, simply because He loves blessing us! He’s a doting daddy who wants only the best for his children, if only we would ask for it. Sometimes, we don’t even have to ask for it anymore. He’d just bless us simply because He wants to!

*This article is based on How to be a Blessing Magnet by Bo Sanchez. Click here to purchase the book.

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  1. Marissa

    Amazing! I will never get tired of reading your articles Bo. Thank you! You’re indeed a blessing! To God be the glory.

  2. Gina

    Thank you brother Bo for sharing all God-inspired messages. God bless you more!

  3. Oliver Cabrera

    There are so many negative things around. I wish to be more positive in life and spread more of life’s positiveness.

  4. Hanchel Diola

    i never thought life would be more surprising until i have encounter you Bo…..
    Thank You for inspiring people all over the world..

  5. yui

    i wish that my faith will increase everyday.

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