A New Beginning

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A New Beginning
by George Gabriel

I just finished conducting the last batch of recollections I’ve been giving to a private high school for the past month. It was a totally awesome experience. As I accompanied the students through the day-and-a-half journey, the Lord spoke to both them and me as well. And in as much as I was the one facilitating, I learned so much and discovered several new things along the way. Thank God.
Several of the participants shared a common insight that caught my attention. They said, in various versions:
“I wish it didn’t have to take a recollection for me to forgive that person…
… to get to know my classmates better…
… to say these things which I’ve always felt…
… to confess my sins and go back to God.”

That’s how I feel with my younger sister who is leaving for abroad. I made a quick effort to spend as much time with her as much as I could. But as the days passed, she got busier seeing her other friends, studying for her upcoming exam and preparing for the trip. Her departure date came closer and all I can think of was, “Why didn’t I spend more time with her before. Had I only known she was leaving so soon….”

Too often we wait for big things to happen before we value persons and things God has given us. Before we mend our broken ways. Before we start doing what we know is right. Once we realize that we’re guilty of that, some of us — including me — waste a lot of time wallowing in guilt and beating ourselves up for that mistake.

The good news is we don’t have to wait. It doesn’t have to take a bolt of thunder or a strike of lightning for us to wake up and receive His grace and value all He’s given us.

Although I wasted a lot of opportunities to be with my sister, I’ve been able to make the most of the remaining time she’s here.

So if you’re stuck in a rut, deep into sin, disappointed in yourself, feel inadequate or have fallen short, or taken things and people in your life for granted, remember that just as much as He is the God of yesterday and tomorrow, He’s always the God of today.

Welcome to a new moment in your life. Now is the best time to start. Begin!

I look forward to this new journey on this page with you.

P.S. Another first in my life: This month until December I’m going to be part of the cast of Joseph The Dreamer produced by a Christian theater company called Trumpets. It’s a story about forgiveness, faith and never giving up. It will run during weekends at Megamall Cinema 4. One of the songs is entitled “A New Beginning.” Catch the show and find out how God gave Joseph, son of Jacob, a brand new start! Call Trumpets at 635-4478 for tickets. See you there!

George’s red jacket by HuMAN; model’s own grey shirt, jeans and sneakers.

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