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“We loved because he first loved us.”
– 1 John 4:19

By Bo Sanchez

What is common in all difficult people, or “Vampires, as we call them?

They’re kids in adult bodies. They’re exceedingly immature.

Because at the very core of every difficult person — no matter what the manifestation — you’ll find low selfworth.

The root of all Vampirism is massive insecurity.

Deep within, the difficult person is a child desperate and hungry for love.

Seven years ago, historians discovered the diary of Hitler’s younger sister. (Before this, no one knew anything about the childhood home of Hitler.) It turns out that Hitler was severely beaten by his father. As he lay on the floor being thrashed, his mother would rescue him by covering him with her body, thus absorbing the blows.

The diary also revealed how Hitler would bully his sister too, slapping her on the face when she made a mistake.

After over 30 years in ministry, I believe that Vampires were once upon a time little kids who failed to receive love.

People ask me, “Bo, even the Controlling Vampire and Criticizing Vampire failed to receive love as children? They don’t seem to lack self-love. They seem to love themselves too much.” Oh, believe me. Behind all the external arrogance, self-righteousness, bluster and bravado, is a deep sense of insecurity. Every day, he’s trying to convince himself that he’s superior. That’s why he’s acting in that “difficult” way.

So love them. Love them, so that they, too, can love others.

Excerpt taken from How to Deal with Difficult People: Learn the Art of Protecting Yourself from the Vampires in Your Life — and Loving Them Wisely

Photo credits: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs42/i/2009/157/0/4/Cute_Vampire_by_jabberwocky_47.jpg

“Every difficult person in your life is a mirror.”

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