Be Attractive: The Top 11 Attraction Secrets Are In Your Hands

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by Bo Sanchez

(Judith)… washed her body with water, and anointed it with rich ointment. She arranged her hair and bound it with a fillet, and put on the festive attire…. She chose sandals for her feet, and put on her anklets, bracelets, rings, earrings, and all her other jewelry. Thus she made herself very beautiful, to captivate the eyes of all the men who should see her. (Judith 10:3-4)

Okay, I confess.
I’m a beauty consultant
But of a different sort.

I don’t know the first thing about eyeliners and nail polish and blush-ons.

When I go on a trip, I bring my tiny three-inch pouch that contains six things: My toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, soap and deodorant. That’s it.

When my wife goes on a trip, her toiletries are in a separate luggage. With wheels. I can’t understand that. For example, she has a different soap for her face, a different soap for her feet and another soap for her body. One day, I borrowed the soap for the feet but used it on my face. It was fine! I survived. Sure, it felt rough, but heck, I lived.

But that’s why I love her. Because she’s a woman.

If I wanted to travel with someone who also brings only six things in her toiletry bag, I should have married another guy.

Now that wouldn’t be fun at all.

So not knowing anything about cosmetics, I’d like to share with you my Top 10 Attraction Secrets. (Note To Men: The 11th Attraction Secret is for you.)

Because ladies, you don’t pursue men.
You become attractive — and they pursue you.

Here they are…

Attraction Secret #1: Feel You’re Beautiful

I don’t care if your nose is as flat as a pizza.

You’ve got to believe in your heart that you’re beautiful — and—feel—it — and the world will believe right with you.

I’ve met the most amazing women who are (according to showbiz standards) too short, too fat, too thin, too dark, too white, too flat, too round, too polka-dotted — but boy are they attractive! They’d enter the room and everyone (both men and women) would notice them. And the men would gather like bees to honey.

Why? Because these believe they’re beautiful.
So they speak as beautiful women.
They smile like beautiful women.
They act like beautiful women.
They’re confident. Sweet. Charming. Happy.

Believe me, men don’t stand a chance against these kinds of women.

The opposite is true: Even if you’re a super-model beauty, but if you don’t believe you’re beautiful, the world will reluctantly agree with you.

I know this mestiza who was a traffic stopper. She doesn’t put on makeup, but on the rare occasions she does, you’d think she fell off a Hollywood movie. Right beside Catherine Zeta Jones and Nicole Kidman

But the first time I saw her, I noticed right away a sadness in her pretty face.

When we talked, she confessed to me that she actually believed she was ugly — because as a growing child, her brothers kept teasing her, telling her she was ugly.

No one told her she was beautiful.

It was tragic to look at her. Her eyes had no sparkle. Her smile was forced.

What a waste!

Her physical beauty was simply powerless over the ugliness she saw in herself.

Feel you’re beautiful.

Attraction Secret #2: Don’t Hide Your Sexuality

Many women hide their femininity because they fear rejection.

They’re desexualized women.

Sometimes this happens because of negative religious teachings on sex.

They feel that sex is bad and so they would not want to feel their sexuality — or show it to others. So they become almost androgynous. (Think alien movies.) They’re just “souls.”

What a waste.

God created you as a woman, so be a woman!
Don’t hide your womanhood.

Be comfortable with your sexuality.
Be comfortable with your femininity.
And mind you, the best sex appeal isn’t in your clothes but in your personality, your playfulness, your love for life. Now that’s sexy!

But your clothes play a role too.
Your hair. Your makeup. Your posture.
All of them must say,’“I enjoy being a woman.”
And when you enjoy you, others will enjoy being with at you too.

Don’t hide your sexuality.

Attraction Secret #3: Be Happy

Don’t cry because you don’t have the big boobs, the sexy legs, and the slim waistline to attract men. Read carefully: Men are attracted to happiness. And that’s something you can’t fake. Boobs, legs and waistlines can be padded and liposuctioned. But there’s no plastic surgery for happiness.

This requires self-work.
Are you by nature a happy person?
Or are you dissatisfied with life?
Believe me, marriage won’t solve your problems. You’ll just end up becoming a dissatisfied wife.

Fill your life with joy. Learn how to live to the full!

Besides, guys will have a hard time approaching you if they see you angry, depressed, moody, critical and negative.

But happiness attracts.

A happy smile multiplies your beauty ten times over!

If I see a cranky, negative, moody, critical woman — I don’t care if she’s got the face of a goddess — she’s still a goddess of wrath. I will avoid her lightning rods!

Here’s what a man is thinking in his mind, “Wow, this woman’s really pretty but… miserable. If I become her husband, will I be able to make her happy?” He’s shaking his head, thinking hard.

And then right beside the angry goddess, he sees a happy woman. Serving others. Helping others. Smiling. She may not be as pretty, but boy is she happy is she happy.

He thinks, “Wow, I think I can make this woman happy. She’s already happy.”

And so he makes his move.

When a woman has a positive outlook in life, she’s a magnet.

Be happy.

Attraction Secret #4: Be Friendly

By the way you carry yourself, you give one of two messages to the man: Either you’re saying,

“You can talk to me and I’ll be delighted” or you’re saying, “Don’t you dare come near me or I’ll reject you, snob you, humiliate you for the world to see that you’re an ugly little yellow toad.”

So when a single man looks at you across a room filled with people, smile! Wave at him. And then return to whatever you were doing — talking to a friend or texting on your cell phone. You just gave him a signal that he’s welcome to approach you if he so desires. Look up again and if he looks once more, smile again!

Some gutsy guys will approach you that very minute. Others will need eight of these non-verbal “Hi-I-won’t-killyou” messages in a time span of three months for them to finally get the guts to approach you. No joke.

But when you’re friendly, you become a magnet too.

Be friendly.

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*This excerpt is taken from “How to Find Your One True Love” by Bo Sanchez.

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