Miracles Need a Miracle Worker

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Miracles Need a Miracle Worker
by Bo Sanchez

When I was a young guy reading the Bible, I asked myself three questions:

• Could God have rescued mankind from the great flood without Noah?
• Could God have rescued Israel from the Egyptians without Moses?
• Could God have rescued Israel from Goliath without David?

I realized the answer was a big yes, He could have. After all, He’s God. But here’s what’s interesting: He didn’t.

If you look at history, you’ll see that God works His miracles only through fumbling, faltering, frail, fragile, and failing human beings.

How will His love be broadcast throughout the world? Through you.

How will His love reach the poorest of the poor? Through you.

How will His love bless the nations? Through you.

My point? Miracles need a miracle worker.

That’s just how God operates.

For the past thirty-six years of doing ministry work in the Light of Jesus Family, whenever we needed money to feed the poor in Anawim, or send missionaries all over the world, or publish Kerygma magazines—money didn’t magically pop up in our bank account. But boy, would that be wonderful!

Imagine our accountant calling our bank, “Good morning, Miss Bank Manager! We would like to ask why, all of a sudden, there’s an extra P100 million in our bank account? Where did that come from?” And the bank manager says, “Huh? Let me check. Oh my goodness… It was a bank transfer. According to our records, the bank that deposited the money was the Kingdom-of-God Bank and the depositor was a certain Mr. Jesus Christ.”

That never happened. I wish it did.

But for the past thirty-eight years of our ministry, God has miraculously provided for all our ministry needs. Every single time. How? Miracles came from miracle workers: Ordinary people who gave P100, P500, P1,000, P10,000.

Friend, do you want a miracle?

God is looking for miracle workers.

If you want a miracle, you have to be a miracle worker.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Bo, there’s nothing special about me. I’m not good enough. I’m not holy enough. And I’m not skilled enough. I’m so ordinary!”

Hey, you’re in luck (blessed). Because that’s exactly the qualifications God is looking for in a miracle worker.

This article is an excerpt from the book, Be Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Today: How to Be Richer with Life Lessons from the Teacher and the Preacher by Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid, PhD.

Featured photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash

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