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Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
— Psalms 37:4

By Bo Sanchez

Twenty-plus years ago, I wrote a Dream Book where I put down in writing everything I wanted to do with my life. I wrote insane things in that notebook, such as, “I want to be a bestselling author,” and “I want to have a TV show and a radio program that will share God’s love to others,” and “I want to build Anawim.” (All have been fulfilled.) I also wrote various financial goals that at that time were ridiculously gigantic but today have become very small.

In 1997, I wrote down a new entry in my Dream Book. “We’ll have 10 mercy ministries for the poor.” At that time, that was a preposterous idea. We only had two — Anawim, our ministry for the abandoned elderly, and the Light of Jesus Pastoral Care Center. And the financial needs were already beyond staggering. The Pastoral Care Center had very little overhead, but Anawim was like a black hole that sucked money endlessly. Because Anawim picked up old people from the streets and maintained a home for them, the needs were horrendous. (Today, we spend P750,000 a month — all relying on donations.)

Can you imagine helping 10 mercy ministries like Anawim? Where will we get all the money?

But today, many years later, we are partners with eight mercy ministries. We support orphanages, scholarship programs, a street kids ministry, and a prison ministry — all of them consuming millions of pesos every month. I sometimes pinch myself, asking, “How in the world are we able to do all these?”

Friend, what is your dream? Ask what’s in your heart. Set it down in writing. And consider it a done deal. 


This excerpt is taken from Life Manual 101: How to Make Your Dreams Come True by Bo Sanchez
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