The Secret To Becoming Great

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For he will be great before the Lord.
— Luke 1:15

By Jpaul Hernandez

Solomon’s father, King David, was already weak and old. He knew that he was about to expire. But before he could rest in peace, he had one important thing he needed to do.

He had to prepare the new King for his ascension to the throne.

David talked to Solomon, and according to the Bible, he gave his son one simple advice before he became king.

“Take courage and be a man.” (1 Kings 2:2, NLT)

If I would be crowned king, I’d want my dad to tell me how to manage the kingdom’s finances, how to lead our army and who our allies were. Those are just some of the things that would put me in a better position of being a king.

But King David said none of those to Solomon. Instead, he told him to take courage and be a man. David wanted his son to be a man of God, and in doing so, he’d be a great king.

King Solomon became one of the wisest men to live on earth; his reign was filled with goodness and abundance.

The way to be a good king was to be a good man. It wasn’t about how great he was at wars or how savvy he was in politics.

The call was to be a man.

I believe that every man has the capacity to be as great as a king even if you are not a monarch, politician or billionaire.

To be great, you don’t need to eat snakes, go up a mountain or knock down someone with a single punch. It’s not about how many bottles of beer you can down or how many sticks of cigarettes you can smoke. It’s not even about how much money you have in your bank account or how many girls you go out with.

Greatness comes from being the best man you can be.

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