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Get Rid of Your Phobia!

I am not a psychologist yet I have learned and been able to heal hundreds of people of their phobias, limiting beliefs, traumas and painful memories in 30 minutes or less.

People who have phobias of riding airplanes or being in closed places.

People who run away and scream when they see a rat, snake, cockroach, lizard, spider, and other crawling creatures.

People who are scared of the dark, of ghosts, of lightning and thunder.

I even encountered someone who was scared of a papaya!

When friends would surprise her with a papaya, she’d scream and run away.

I’ve healed people with painful memories and traumas.

People whose own fathers or relatives raped or molested them.

People who were bullied in school, got robbed, or struggled with a death of a loved one. People who had painful memories from a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend, who experienced betrayal, personal failures and frustrations. There were even people who had been scarred because of military-like, disciplinarian parents.

I’ve also learned to help people who have recurring nightmares, insomnia, involuntary biting of nails, hair pulling, teeth grinding, and limiting beliefs that cause them to adopt certain habits like not liking math subjects, falling asleep when reading books, failing to exercise, and being unable to stop smoking.

You may not be aware of it, but many of us have painful memories, traumatic experiences, phobias and limiting beliefs.

The experience may not weigh us down now but it still has some impact on how we live. After many years, somehow we still see, hear and feel the pain.

In this book, I want to help you get rid of painful memories and traumas quickly. You can be freed from them forever because you can expand and release unlimited energies when we live in peace. Follow my journey with my stories on how a nonpsychologist like me can do these healings. You will be amazed at how easy the techniques are, and before long you will be helping your friends to be free of painful memories in 30 minutes or less.

To order your copies of Jojo’s Apolo’s Be Free from Painful Memories and Traumas in 30 Minutes, e-mail us at, or call us at 725-9999 local 101 to 108 and look for Cecille.


About the Author

Jojo Apolo is an executive in charge of domestic and overseas sales of a top five fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in Indonesia. His greatest passion is to build people and organizations, so while searching for the latest sales development techniques, he studied neuro-linguistic programming  (NLP). He found its benefit for helping people with traumas, limiting beliefs and phobias. This led to amazing healings starting with his family, friends and others.  He is a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP from the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, USA.

It’s every aspiring author’s dream to have his book published. Shepherd’s Voice E-Marketing, Inc. helps you turn your dream into reality through its self-publishing services. We offer different levels of editorial, layout, proofreading and printing services that will fit your need and budget. In this issue, we feature first-time author Jojo Apolo and his book, Be Free from Painful Memories and Traumas in 30 Minutes.

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    panu po ako makaka order ng Be Free from Painful Memories and Traumas in 30 Minutes?

    1. Shepherd's Voice

      Hi! Tawag po kayo sa 725-9999 to order your copy of Be Free from Painful Memories and Traumas in 30 minutes. Maraming salamat po!

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