How to Create a New Body

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“For I am the Lord who heals you.”
— Exodus 15:26

How to Create a New Body

Imagine walking into a mall.

Going up an escalator, just above the shoe department, you see an entire section called “The Body.”

You wonder what that’s about.

As you move up, what you see makes your eyes pop out.

Because you see fresh, bloody organs of the human body in large bottles lining the beautiful shelves.





Even an entire skeletal system.

The saleslady greets you with a smile.

“We have a 30 percent off on brains today!”

“Excuse me?” you ask in total shock.

“Brains are on sale,” she answers, “you can buy a brand new one at 30 percent less the retail price.”

“Uh… who buys new brains?” you ask.

“Oh, a lot of people. To help the nation, we even give special rates to politicians,” she grins.

“He, he,” you force a chuckle, still dazed over what you’re seeing.

“But more people buy an entire new body,” she says.

Now you’ve heard everything. “An entire body?”

“Yes! All you have to do is walk into our dressing room, try out different models and, voila — you walk out with your new body.”

“When you talk about a new body, you mean every organ in the body is changed?”


“A heart patient can throw away his clogged arteries for brand new ones?

“That’s right.”

“And a diabetic can throw away his diseased pancreas?”


“And a person with cancer in his body can throw away his entire body and replace it with a brand new body free from cancer?”

“Yes. Totally free!”

Your mind is spinning.

You’re beyond shocked.


At that moment, you wake up.

It was all a dream.

Here’s the good news: You don’t need to buy a new body. Because you can create a new one.

God has given you the power to do that.

I must warn you: It won’t be easy.

Overhauling your body requires overhauling six critical areas of your life: your beliefs, your emotions, your relationships, your eating, your protection and your faith.

But it can be done.


My friend, Chichi Barba, has written a book that can help you ‘create a new body’. She wrote this fantastic book that talks about the food we eat and how they affect our health. Friends, I invite you to start thinking twice about the food that you eat. Take the first step towards a healthier you. Eat well, so you can get well.

Excerpt is taken Awaken the Healer in You by Bo Sanchez

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Eat Well, Get Well

Are you eating your way to an early death?

Here’s the fact: Out of the top 50 causes of death in the Philippines, 40 are food-related. Diet-induced diseases cause coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

This book is an eye-opener. It will make you ask two crucial questions before you put any food into your mouth: Will this give me death? Will this give me life?

In these pages, you will learn how to eat healthy and how to heal yourself naturally.

Chichi generously recommends simple remedies to ailments which are gentle to the body and easy to prepare using herbs, leaves, roots and fruits you can get from the local market.

Find out how to heal common colds and cough, fever, itchy rash and complicated illnesses such as psoriasis using natural solutions, some of them already available in your kitchen.

With the help of a nutritious diet and a healthy regimen, you can get well and be on your best health so that you can fulfill your dreams and enjoy being with your loved ones. It’s time to eat well and choose life.

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