Calling for 10 million heart healers!

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Calling for 10 million heart healers! 

My 16-year-old son can do it. My 21-year-old daughter can do it. I’ve taught many people to do it too!

How did they learn? By trying and doing.

Just like learning how to drive a car, you will only learn by doing it. You can easily learn the theory of driving a car in five minutes, but the application will take practice, actual experience and applying the techniques.

Similarly, the more you apply the techniques of NLP, the more you become proficient in them. Just like basketball, the more you take shots at the ring, even if you miss, the higher chances you learn to shoot the ball and make it. Just like singing, the more songs you sing, the better your voice becomes.

In fact, the biggest challenge to learning is to believe it works!

Learning NLP is application, practice and practice. The concepts are simple and you come to believe them more as you apply and find out for yourself that they work!

You can learn the steps in one reading but you will only believe and learn by doing.

I dream that one day, there will be 10 million heart healers and brave heart igniters — people who can use these NLP techniques to heal troubled hearts as well as ignite bold and brave hearts for everyone to live full lives.

Come. Be one of them!

The above is an excerpt from Jojo’s Apolo’s Be Free from Painful Memories and Traumas in 30 Minutes. To order your copies, visit

About the Author

Jojo Apolo is an executive in charge of domestic and overseas sales of a top five fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in Indonesia. His greatest passion is to build people and organizations, so while searching for the latest sales development techniques, he studied neuro-linguistic programming  (NLP). He found its benefit for helping people with traumas, limiting beliefs and phobias. This led to amazing healings starting with his family, friends and others.  He is a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP from the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, USA.

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  1. raul

    How much is the book of Jojo Apollo entitled ” Be Free from Painful Memories and Traumas in 30 Minutes”.
    Can this book help me in my severe nervousness sickness? I have a stage fright but not on a normal type.

    1. Shepherd's Voice

      Hi, Bro! To order your copy of Jojo Apolo’s book, please visit The price and other details can be found on the website as well. God bless you abundantly, Bro!

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