Self-care and Well-being

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“When we care for our well-being, we progress to being ‘whole beings.’ We fill ourselves with things that make us whole, aligned, and authentic.” (Dr. Michele Alignay, Ph.D.)

What does it mean to show up for self-care? We can’t practice self-care if we can’t even get a grip on our life. We may not always figure out things, but we can be deliberate in caring for ourselves. Despite all the good and bad things that happen to us, we can take charge of our well-being.

Self-care is showing up for yourself not when life is easy, but when things are hard—in the midst of a breakup, burnout, or new life changes. Because life doesn’t stop no matter the difficulty you’re going through. So you have to be an advocate for yourself and your well-being. Be responsible and care for your mental and physical health, your total well-being.

Showing up for self-care is declaring, “I am in charge of my well-being!” This awakens us to our responsibility because we can’t depend on fate, luck, or others for us to be well. So we translate our responsibility into little ways of practicing self-care as we take charge of our well-being.

*This excerpt is taken from the newest book of Michele S. Alignay PhD, You Can Care For You, now available in paperback and e-book copy at!

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