Selfishness or Selflessness?

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Once upon a time, there was a horse and a donkey. They were chit-chatting and they were happy with each other’s friendship. 

But then gangsters kidnapped them. The bandits took their loot and loaded it all on the donkey without putting any on the horse. The stolen goods were so heavy that it was ten times more than what the donkey could carry. 

The poor mule could hardly walk. So the gangsters whipped him as they trudged along with the horse. The donkey told his friend, “Horse, help me! I can’t carry all this stuff.” 

But the horse was selfish and thought only of himself. He replied, “I’m sorry, but you see, you’re a beast of burden. You’re designed to carry that stuff. I’m a horse. I can only carry humans.”

After plodding for many miles, the donkey dropped to the ground and died on the spot. The gangsters, who cared neither about the donkey nor the horse, grabbed all the stuff that they stole and loaded them onto the horse. Not only that. They also took the carcass of the donkey and heaped it on the horse. 

The horse could hardly move, much less walk. So the gangsters began to whip him and he had no choice but to carry all that stuff by himself. 

They arrived at the destination just in time. Because the horse collapsed, too, at the point of death. 

His dying thought was, “If only I helped the donkey when he asked for help, we could have both survived.” 

My dear friend, let me share that I always wear two hats: a missionary hat and an entrepreneur hat. 

A lot of people think they’re different because ministry is about helping people while business is about earning money. 

But I disagree. I’m a missionary and an entrepreneur, and both are about helping people.

You see, ministry is about helping people. Business is also about helping customers. 

“Brother Bo, I thought business is about earning money?” 

Yes, business will earn money, but only to sustain itself. You need to generate income to sustain the business so you can help more people. 

Let me give you an example. 

In ministry, I preach to people every day. But guess who benefits the most from my preaching? I do! 

Because I have to keep studying and learning. I have to do that so I can preach well. 

So I end up learning more than the people I help. 

Isn’t it amazing that when you help others, you benefit the most? The best way to help yourself is actually to help other people. 

It’s the same thing in business. I teach people how to invest in the stock market. I’ve been doing it for many, many years now- thirteen years and counting. But who benefits the most? Me. I learn so much more about the stock market because I have to teach about it. I get the most wisdom because I’m the teacher.

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