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Want to be stress-free? Unfortunately, we can’t completely erase stress from our system. But we can develop coping strategies to have a sense of control over our lives. And relaxing is helpful in managing stress, not only physically but also emotionally.

Try the following ways to drive your stress away:

Relax Your Stress Away - Kerygma Online - Kerygma magazine
Have some tea with a friend or two. Although tea has caffeine which can make us jittery, its calming effect is stronger. Focus also on the act of making and drinking tea. Researchers believe that the tea ritual affects some social aspects and makes the body naturally relaxed.

Exercise in nature.  ReseaRelax Your Stress Away - Kerygma Online - Kerygma magazinerch from the University of Essex suggests that exercising in nature is good for one’s mood. Walking, jogging, cycling, boating, horse riding, gardening and swimming are mood-enhancing outdoor exercises. They help in combatting stress and even improve your physical fitness.

Swap negatalphacolor-13-181701ive with positive.  You can swap worrying about work with anything productive. Do a deep-breathing exercise instead of stressing about daily problems. You can also listen to your favorite song to have a break from your financial concerns.


 • Stress-relief toolbox.  Prepare an instant “stress relief toolbox.” It contains simple acts that can boost your mood. Hug a family member, spend time in nature, get a massage, talk to a good friend, play with a pet, watch a funny movie, etc.



*This article originally appeared in Kerygma magazine August 2016 issue.

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