It’s Not About the Money

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“If, then, you have not been faithful in handling worldly wealth,
how can you be trusted with true wealth?”
—Luke 16:11

It’s Not About the Money

Some people love me.

And some people hate me.

Why? Because one of the things I love to do is to help good people become rich. (This is the mission of the Truly Rich Club.)

And some people don’t like that.

You see, for ages, good people have been taught to be satisfied with what they earn. They’ve been taught to be small, to act small, and to dream small. Especially when it comes to money.

I’m sure you’ve heard religious teachers tell you…

“Don’t be greedy. Be happy with your lot.”

“The path of happiness is to lower your expectations.”

“Be content with what life gives you.”

“Don’t rock the boat. Don’t stand out. Blend in.”

“Who do you think you are to want more? Be humble.”

Well, I’m sorry, but I will go against that entire kind of thinking.

My critics quote the Bible against me. “Doesn’t the Bible say we should be satisfied with what we have? Doesn’t the Bible say people who aspire to be rich get into all sorts of trouble?”

Yes, it does. But we differ in its interpretation.

Here’s what I believe: Love is the most important thing in the world; and love demands that you be the best that you can be. Because the world will be a poorer place if you act small.

So I urge you: Rock the boat. Stand out. Be your best.

I invite you to earn as much as you can. I know that line is shocking, especially from me, a Catholic lay missionary.

But I’m sticking my neck out.

I believe earning money is a spiritual activity.

Let me lay it down to you here: In my mind, earning money is not about the money. By becoming all that you can be through the journey of earning more money, you grow more. And at the end of that journey, you can give more, not just your money, but yourself.

There — I’ve said it.

Let me simplify it for you: Earn more to grow more, and grow more to give more.

Excerpt taken from The Abundance Formula

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  1. sally estrada

    i totally agree. you will be in the best position to help others better themselves if you are secure and not anymore worried about your own needs .

  2. liza

    yes Brother…i myself also want to earn more money for my children… i really feel that i am a failure…i cannot afford to send my daughter to college….i pity her so much but i dont know what to do…i have no money to attend seminars you are conducting…i have no capital for any business…. i dont know where to start…..Brother Bo please help me in God’s miraculous way….i really don’t know where to start… help me please….

    Respectfully your’s

  3. Teacher Sie

    This is just to say my heartfelt thanks because I got this book for free… straight from Kerygma. (Clue: I got it because I’m applying the financial formula.)

    I’ve read this book twice already and I might read it again in the future. This is not just a book, it’s a manual, a reference that will guide you in the financial aspect of your life.

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