How To Be a Champion

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“Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake, as in days of old, the generations of long ago. Was it not you who cut Rahab in pieces, who pierced the dragon?”
— Isaiah 51:9

How To Be a Champion

Friends, let me share with you the 7 Keys of a Champion’s Life

1. Follow Your Dream with Passion
2. Focus on Your Core Gift
3. Believe in Yourself When Others Don’t
4. Build Your Team
5. Take Action
6. Fail Forward
7. Shine Your Light

Let’s Focus on the 1st Key: Follow Your Dream with Passion

It was the first time I visited Las Vegas.

The sights were overwhelming.

The lights, the hotels, the fountains and the casinos — it was all an incredible sight.

On the way to a restaurant, I remember walking through endless rows of slot machines. I saw the players — mostly old people — sitting in front of the machines.

I wondered: How long have they been here?

Even as fast music and blinking lights surrounded them, I sensed sadness in some of them.

After our meal, my friends and I went to watch a concert in a theater on the upper floor of that gigantic hotel.

After the two-hour show, I had to pass through the lobby with the slot machines again.

And there they were, the same people playing the machines!

I noticed one man.

Medium-built. In his 50s. Tired. He seemed so miserable doing what he was doing.

I looked at his eyes.

Call it discernment. Call it just a wild hunch. Call it whatever you want. But I felt there was so much emptiness in his life.

It was like he woke up every morning not knowing what to do. So he comes here just to spend his money and time on nothing.

Seeing him broke my heart.

I wanted to pull him out and tell him, “Do you want real joy? This isn’t the place. Come with me to the Philippines. So many poor people have no homes. You can help us build homes for them. So many poor kids are begging on the streets. You can send them to school. Perhaps you’ll find your purpose there.”

I walked out of the hotel feeling foolish for thinking this way.

But I really believe that unless a person finds a purpose bigger than himself, life will always be empty.

Friend, have you found yours?

Have you a found a dream worthy enough that you’re willing to die for it?

Action Step:

Do you want to be a Champion? List down your goals, dreams, talents and passions. When all these align, you can determine your purpose. Pray for God’s guidance, discernment and wisdom. Finally, list down concrete steps you can take to be God’s powerful Champion!

We are in need of heroes and Champions. Wait. Let me repeat that. This world is in desperate need of Champions. We need YOU. But many people think that they are not meant to be heroes because they are unworthy. God begs to disagree. He looks at you and He sees a Champion. He sees somebody powerful and beautiful and worthy to be His hands and feet in this world.

Do you want to know what it means to be a true hero? Do you want to be entertained, inspired and blessed while finding out what it means to be a true hero? My friend Karren has written the first ever epic fantasy novel published by Shepherd’s Voice Publications. Read her book and be a Champion. 

Above excerpt taken from How to Conquer Your Goliaths by Bo Sanchez

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Present day, Cielos, the city closest to heaven. The Sword of Sargatanas has been stolen from the most powerful stronghold in Cielterra. When used at a time when the planets align, the sword has the power to open Gate Pandora and unleash unto the Worlds legions upon legions of monsters and beasts from hell.
Present day, location undisclosed. One clueless Human acquaints himself with the barrel of a gun—belonging to the woman he almost fell in love with, no less—and finds himself kidnapped and whisked to a world standing on the brink of war.
The Worlds—both visible and invisible to us—are in danger. The Towers that guard the Flaming Sword of Eden have chosen the heroes. It just so happened that the heroes aren’t really… hero-material. Not at all.
Seven angry, sarcastic, violent, belligerent, uncaring and uncompassionate young men and women were forced to team up to stop a possible apocalypse from happening. As they journey towards the Far West to retrieve the stolen sword, the seven Champions brave one trial after another (including, but not limited to, falling in love with ill-tempered bullies) and ultimately find out what it means to become a true hero.

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