God’s Burden Is Light

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God’s Burden Is Light
Bo Sanchez

I’d like to zero in on Jesus’ words, “My burden is light.” If you notice, those two words don’t fit each other, much like “fried ice cream” or “tiny giant” or “ugly Bo.” It just doesn’t fit.

But that’s exactly what Jesus said: “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matthew 11:30).

Question: How can a burden be light?

Let me explain it by way of example.

When Marowe courted me years ago… er, sorry, slip of the pen. When I courted Marowe, I lived in Cubao and she lived in the other side of planet Earth—in Parañaque. During that ancient time of history, the MRT was still being built on EDSA and Manila traffic became the seventh wonder of the world. (Now, it’s just the eighth.)

My mother found out about it and, with tongue in cheek, said, “Can’t you court someone who lives nearby?”

I chuckled and replied, “Mom, when I selected my future wife, I didn’t put geographical location as a top criteria. I don’t mind moving through this giant parking lot called EDSA for three hours each day for her.”

What do you call that? It was a light burden. Why? I was in love.

Increase the Love

One day, I had the schedule of a madman.

Right after the Sunday Feast in PICC, I drove to the airport. With nineteen other guys, mostly senior leaders of the Light of Jesus Family, I attended a leaders conference in Los Angeles.

I stayed in the United States for four days. Right after the conference, I hopped on a plane to go back to Manila. I arrived on Saturday because I had to preach at The Feast in PICC the next day.

On Monday, with my wife and boys, I drove up to Baguio for the amazing four-day TrulyRichClubSuperconference. After everything was over, I drove down on Saturday— because I had to preach the next day at The Feast PICC.

By Monday, I had to fly to Singapore for the Grand Feast there. By Saturday, I flew back to preach again at Sunday’s Feast in PICC.

During those three weeks of traveling, I still had weekly dates with each of my boys, had weekly dates with my wife, and wrote around twenty-seven articles and submitted them on schedule.

People ask me, “Bo, don’t you get dizzy with your crazy schedule? Don’t you get exhausted?”

Honestly, it looks burdensome.

But I had a lot of fun in every one of those days. And though my body got tired, my spirit was energized. Every time I woke up, I felt refreshed. Throughout the day, I was like an ice skater gliding through ice—moving almost effortlessly. (Note: This isn’t my schedule every month. If it happened every month, I’d die. But it was just a short season of traveling—and I could handle a season.)

Why? Because God’s burden is love.

If you follow the greatest commandment and love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and if you love others as you love yourself—you will be burdened. But it’s a good burden. Tell me, is your marriage a light burden? Is your parenting a light burden? Is your work a light burden?

If it is not, increase your love.

Do everything you do because you love God and love others.

Then your burden will be lighter.

*This excerpt is taken from 
Break or Bounce? by Bo Sanchez.
Photo from Unsplash.com.

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