Four Needs That We Usually Neglect

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  1. You Need Rest

Love yourself. Get some rest.

Tiredness is an epidemic. Many people are chronically tired. And we know why. This epidemic is caused by one virus: the virus of prolonged stress.

You know when you’re chronically tired?

Here’s a sure and obvious sign that you have this disease: if you wake up in the morning already tired.

That means your sleep didn’t refresh you. That means there’s something wrong — you’re not addressing your need to rest.

  1. You Need Dreams

Love yourself. Keep dreaming.
Dreams are your fuel.
In one Catholic conference, I gave a talk entitled “How to Make Your Dreams Come True.” It was well received. People came up to me and said, “Bo, I’m so excited. I’m going to dream again!” But the next speaker was a priest. And he attacked my message. He said, “We have no business pursuing our dreams! That is selfishness. We should be only concerned about doing God’s will.”

I call this over-spiritualizing. If the priest allowed me to ask a question, I’d ask, “But, Father, how will I know God’s will for my life? Yes, God’s will is found in the Bible and our doctrines, but I also believe that God’s will is found in my deepest desires. He planted a dream in my soul. I need to listen to the dreams that burn in my heart.”

Friend, God created you a dreamer. You need to allow yourself to dream. Your dream could be very big or very small. It doesn’t matter. But you need to keep on dreaming, or you start dying.

My dream is big. I want to build 1,000 Feasts all around the globe, each one becoming a gushing spring of God’s love to the world.

If you notice, my dream won’t be fulfilled in the near future. It will take 10 years, maybe more. But that’s OK. I’m enjoying every step of the way.

Some dreams are small in size but big in value. I was talking to an 81-year-old man. With a twinkle in his eye, he said, “Brother Bo, please pray that God will give a longer life. Because I want to see my granddaughter in America.” He pulled out his wallet and showed me a photo of a lovely five-year-old girl with dimples on her smile. He said, “I’m not in very good health, but every day, I try to walk. Every day, I eat well so that I can see my little granddaughter before I die.”

What are your dreams? Identify them. Write them down. Pray for them. Announce them to the world. And make your dreams wake you up every day.

  1. You Need Money

Love yourself. Earn money.

I’ve met religious people who thought that to save for the future was selfishness. It’s a double whammy: that means you’re selfish and materialistic at the same time.

But you need money. Everyone needs money. The nuns who run orphanages need money. The priest who rides his motorcycle to celebrate Mass in faraway barrios needs money. The boyfriend buying a rose to ask forgiveness from his girlfriend needs money. The grandmother in her rocking chair wondering how she could buy her medicine needs money.

Don’t earn money for today only. (Look around you. You’re no longer living in the desert, Moses is no longer with you, and you’re not eating manna for breakfast lunch, and dinner.) Earn money for today and tomorrow and the day after.

Don’t earn money for yourself only. That’s selfishness. Earn money for yourself and the orphan that needs you and the maid that helps you and waiter that serves you and the barber that styles you and the church that blesses you. So earn as much money as you can.

And finally, your most important need…

  1. You Need Love

Love yourself. Invest in relationships.
This is your greatest need.
My recommendation? Invest in your relationships today and you’ll have big gains tomorrow.

Invest in your spouse. Invest in your children. Invest in your siblings. Invest in your friends. Invest in your parents.

What will you invest? Your time. Your care. Your service. Your patience. Your forgiveness. Believe me, the returns are out of this world. (This is literal. I’m talking about heaven.)

My friend Adrian Panganiban showed me a letter from a mom and dad, and it touched me. I quote it here because I want to stress the point that at the end of your life, you’ll need love more than anything in this world.

I couldn’t find the original source of this letter so please feel free to email me if you have any leads. Here’s the letter…

Please Bear with Me

Dear Child,

As I get older, please be patient with me.

When I drop things or make a mess of my food, I hope you don’t shout at me or scold me. Please bear with me.

When my eyesight dims and I stumble along my way, or when my hearing gets really bad and I can’t hear what you say, please bear with me.

When these embarrassing and difficult times come, if you could just hold my hand and tell me that you understand… I’m sorry child, I’m getting older. Please bear with me.

When my feet get crooked and my knees get weaker, when I fumble in my steps and I walk slower, I hope you remember the time when I taught you how to walk. Please bear with me.

When I keep repeating my stories to you, sometimes four or five times a day, just smile and pretend I said it the first time. Because to my failing memory, it’s really the first time I’m saying it to you. Just remember how you repeated yourself as a child. Remember how many times you asked, “Are we there yet?” every time we took a trip. Or how many times you asked, “Mommy, can you buy me this toy?” whenever we were in a toy store? Please bear with me.

When I don’t smell so nice, when I smell like an old person, please be patient with me. When you smell something not too good from me, I hope you remember that when you were small, you used to sweat and smell too. But I loved it because it was part of your growing up. Well, my smells are part of my growing old. Please bear with me.

When I get cranky or get sensitive, or when I get sentimental and moody, or when I get pushy and demanding, all these are all part of getting old. You’ll understand when you get older. Please bear with me.

When you have time, I hope you visit me. Talk with me for a few minutes. I’m always all by myself and have no one to talk to. I know you’re busy with work but your work will always be with you, even after I’m gone. I won’t be here forever. Please bear with me.

Even if you’re not interested in my stories, please pretend you are. Do you remember when I used to listen to your stories about your toys, your imaginary friends, and the cartoons you watched? Those things weren’t very interesting to me, but because they were important to you, they were important to me too. I ask you to please bear with me.

When the time comes when I get sick and bedridden, I hope you visit me. I’m sorry if I accidentally wet the bed or make a mess. I hope you stay with me during the last few moments of my life. I’m not going to last much longer anyway. Please bear with me.

I pray for you every day. When I finally meet God, I will continue to mention your name to Him.

I love you.
We love you.
Please bear with me.

Mom and Dad

So I repeat: Invest in your relationships.
My fondest wish for you?
May you grow old with the people you love.

*This excerpt is taken from You’re Weird (In a Wonderful Way) by Bo Sanchez.


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In this life-changing book, bestselling author and spiritual leader Bo Sanchez offers the solution: To give yourself permission to be you. To embrace your past, your pains, your personality, and your purpose.

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