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“So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven
that one of these little ones should perish.” – Matthew 18:14


When we had the first group of seminarians sent to our parish for a month’s  immersion, we made it a point to pray for them even after they’d gone — that they may stay on to become priests. For every BEC (Basic Ecclesial Community) bukluran (cell group), we were to pray regularly for the one assigned to them. Yet, we heard of fallouts — one, two, then three… or perhaps more as of this writing.

With the second batch of seminarians assigned to our parish, in spite of our prayers, there were fallouts again. Some left barely a month after they had finished their immersion.

By the third group, I was no longer as optimistic that all of them would become priests. Oh yes, we continued to pray, but I accepted deep inside that some may still have a change of heart. I reminded myself that they will not “perish” if they do not continue on to priesthood. There are many ways to serve the Lord and being a priest is just one of them.

As long as we respond to God’s calling, we are doing His will. And that’s good enough for Him. Cristy Galang (cristy_cc@yahoo.com)

Reflection: Did you ever ask the Lord that His will be done in you? Or are you asking Him to bless your will every time you pray?

Lord Jesus, You know what’s best for me. Let my desires align with Your plans that I may pursue them. 

*This was taken from Didache Daily Bible Reflections (December 09, 2014). If you want to avail Didache 2016 click here or call us at 725-9999. 

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