Boycotting Valentine’s Day

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Boycotting Valentine’s Day

It’s the 14th of February, and everyone in the entire world and their pets were wearing red. Well, everyone, except me, that is. I was wearing black.

“Ma’am Karren, why wear black?” a student asked the moment I entered the room with a dark scowl and a raised eyebrow.

“It’s a direct assault against the capitalist agenda of all the establishments who take advantage of the season of hearts,” I deadpanned. “There is no Valentine’s Day. Businessmen invented that day to earn.”

“Or maybe you just don’t have a date today,” another student said.

“Yeah. That, too,” I said with a sheepish grin. The entire class guffawed. “Okay! Change topic, my loves. Now open your books on page 394…”

That was the scenario back then, and that’s the scenario even now. I still don’t have anyone to date, and I still spend Valentine’s Day the way I spend any other day—either buried deep in books, or writing stories about dreams and dragons, or something equally outrageous.

I’m pretty sure there are many people out there who’re probably grinding their teeth and begging the Good Lord to just please hear their prayers and send them their One True Love. I’m not one of them  (and you can probably see the denial somewhere in that statement), but sometimes, at the end of another fulfilling day serving God and bonding with family and friends, I do wonder if my own knight in shining (or rusty — I’m not really choosy) armor really does exist. Maybe he’s geographically-challenged and got lost somewhere. Maybe he misread the address God gave him and ended up somewhere else (or with someone else). Or maybe, just maybe, God is still working on him, the way I believe he’s working on me now, so that when the time comes that we’d bump into each other, we’d know how to handle anything that would come our way. Karren Renz Seña (


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  1. princess

    I can relate to this because until now, I haven’t met the guy who will be my partner for life.
    I’m so blessed and inspired with the articles that Sis Rissa Singson Kawpeng write..
    It was really amazing to read your books Sis Rissa. May God continue to bless you
    So that you can also bless more people..

  2. olive dionela

    funny story but true…. thanks for this… 🙂

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