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Our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. And we are writing this that our joy may be complete.
– 1 John 1:3-4


It’s a most blissful experience when we finally develop a personal relationship with God. We are, at that point, in fellowship with Him. But why does St. Paul continue to seek complete joy even as He says he has found God? Isn’t being with God a state of completion in itself already?

Joy, like all other heavenly virtues, is unlike any earthly gift we can ever receive. Earthly gifts diminish as we give them away. But virtues multiply when we give them away. Joy then finds its growth and completion only if it is shared.

The daughter of a friend asked, “Dad, if it’s Jesus’ birthday this Christmas, why am I the one receiving all the gifts?” This Christmas, like other seasons, we receive a fresh outpouring of God’s blessings. What do you do with those blessings? They are meaningless unless enjoyed with God and others.

We are a Christmas people; our joy is made complete only when we share it with others. Jesus came that we may have life. But that life, like the joy that it brings, was meant to be taken, broken, and given away. Rod Velez (rod.velez@gmail.com)

Reflection: It’s easy to share material blessings, but what spiritual blessings have you shared with others this past year? Have you given joy? Have you loved? Have you been encouraging?

Help me to remember my blessings, Lord, and share them with others. Amen. 

*This was taken from Didache Daily Bible Reflections (December 27, 2014). If you want to avail Didache 2016 click here or call us at 725-9999. 

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