A Life Well Lived

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Solitude by David Haas

“But she, from her poverty, has offered her whole livelihood.”
–  Luke 21:4


A Life Well Lived

 Paul Aguas, my father-in-law, was a man who loved God. When he was young, he was a man of the world. He married at a young age and had a family. He earned his first million at the age of 23. He was successful in his endeavors and enjoyed life to the hilt.

In 1972, he was invited to attend a prayer meeting. Along with his family, the Lord touched them and changed their lives forever.

Paul Aguas and his family chose to live an austere life similar to that of St. Francis of Assisi. He gave up his material wealth and spent the rest of his life preaching and teaching the Word of God.

In 1993, Paul Aguas passed away.

But to this day, the lives he has changed, the lives he has enriched, and the people he has touched continue to tell us that he was a man who gave up everything for the sake of the Kingdom of God. His was a life well lived.

Just like the widow in the Gospel reading today, he gave everything he had as an offering to God. Marisa Aguas (jojangaguas@yahoo.com)

Reflection: Think of others more than yourself — today andalways.

Lord Jesus, teach me to be generous.

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  3. Bing/Angie Buhain

    Thank you very much for your reflection. We are 2 of the many people whose lives were touched by BroPaul’s teachings, deep spirituality and good example. We met in 1986 when we were very new n the charismatic renewal. To say that he had a great and big influence in our journey is an understatement!

    we are sure he is enjoying his eternal rewards, worshiping God face to face as he has always desired even while here on earth.

    God bless you and his whole clan!

    Bing/Angie Buhain





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