God is My Vindicator

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“Remember, you are not to prepare your defense beforehand.”
– Luke 21:14


God is My Vindicator

It was March 2003 when I became president of a sports organization. At first, the members were all excited, but as months went by, I heard that my vice president was spreading rumors that I was a corrupt leader and I was using my position to solicit money for my personal use.

I tried to explain my side and presented documents to prove my innocence. But I was outnumbered because the other officers believed him and were already planning a coup d’état to oust me.  When I learned that, I immediately resigned and gave up my position to my vice president. I prayed hard because God knows the truth and my conscience was clean. I promised Him that I wouldn’t take revenge because I believe that He is my vindicator. True enough, two months later, a friend told me that the group I had organized was  dissolved because nobody believed in the leadership of the vice president and he had just been envious of my position.

People approached and even told me that the association was better during my term. I felt vindicated after hearing them say that. Monty Mendigoria (montymendigoria@yahoo.com)

Reflection: When the world is against you, don’t despair. They hated Jesus, too.

Lord, thank You for Your everyday protection. Send Your Holy Spirit to be my guide in managing Your business

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