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He was dancing in front of a very large crowd, unaware of the audience’s fixed eyes on him. He was having fun dancing, and so is the audience watching him.

Jil is my friend and brother from the community. He has this gift of making people smile(that’s just the least he can do). I really admire how he seems to be unaware of this God-given gift, yet be able to freely use it. There was a time where we attended a conference together. During the icebreaker, the organizers enjoined us to play Xbox Kinect’s Dance Central – a game where the players are required to follow certain dance steps.  I’m sure you’ve heard of this already. Anyway, after some moment of dancing, everyone got tired and sat down. Everyone, that is, except my friend Jil.  He was dancing in front of the crowd, and was so focused on playing and having fun that he didn’t notice that everyone else was already seated. The people were smiling as they watched him do his thing. I believe the only thing he was focusing on during that moment was to have fun.

What I learned from Bro. Bo Sanchez’s book ‘How To Be Really Really Really Happy’ is that we can actually serve God and have fun while doing so. We can bless people while still having fun. It is us who complicate things when in reality, it’s so simple to follow God.

Do you want to easily bless people, Brothers and Sisters?

Pursue your passion. But be sure to pursue it in a Christ-like manner.

Make Christ the center, motivation, and reason for everything you will do with your passion.

Do you like to…

Cook? Help prepare food for an assembly or gathering. Even better, cook for the needy.

Sing/play musical instruments? Volunteer to sing or play instruments during mass or worship.

Write? Share how you experience God daily by writing and sharing it to others. Inspire people.

Whatever your passion is, do it for God. Focus on your passion and align it with God’s purpose for you, and you’d find yourself blessing people big time-without you (most of the time) even being aware of it. For all you know, you just did something you like.

Brothers and Sisters, God put those passions and dreams in your heart so that you can use it to serve him with  joy.

Find that passion and start being fulfilled everyday.


I pray for you all

God bless!
Evan Ray T. Cabigon

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  1. This is absolutely wonderful…knowing that one can serve God & still have fun. yippi.
    Bless your darling heart Evan. Ray

    1. Evan

      Thank you very much. I pray for abundance of blessings and grace in your life. God bless!

  2. Tet

    Thanks for sharing brother evan! Nice Thoughts! (;

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