Self-care during weekends isn’t selfish

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I used to think that weekends are for running errands (bills, utilities, grocery, cleaning house), until I realized that I feel more rested when I spend it for myself. I binge on Netflix, eat, travel, exercise, read, or just be lazy in bed.

The key to eliminating chores and errands during weekends is to automate tasks and insert them in the small windows of your work week.

✔ I use auto debit/credit for all bills. I never line up.

✔ As much as I can, I get my groceries delivered.

✔ If I need to run errands for personal docs or utilities, I do it on Thursday or Friday when work is more relaxed.

✔ To lessen the need for cleaning, I eliminate clutter at home. Less items = less clutter to manage.

Do you do the same thing, gladiators in suits? How do you keep your weekends stress-free or less stressful in today’s fast paced times?

*This excerpt was taken from the book, Everything Will be Alright by Jonathan Yabut. Available at

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