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Location of All Success by Bo Sanchez

One day, I did my morning exercise in Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, Parañaque. They say it’s one of the largest cemeteries in the Philippines. It’s really beautiful there in the morning—trees, birds, sunlight. But while walking, it suddenly hit me (like a bat hitting my head): It wasn’t just a graveyard of dead people. It was also a graveyard of unfulfilled dreams.

I was literally standing on the cemetery of dead dreams!

Many acts of love not done.

Many marriages not strengthened.

Many families not united.

Many books not written.

Many songs not sung.

Many dances not danced.

Many businesses not launched.

Many homes not built.

Many ministries not created.

Many hugs not given.

Friend, I’ve a got a message for you: God doesn’t want you to have regrets in your life. God doesn’t want you to die with your dreams still unfulfilled. In fact, God gave you those dreams so you can make them happen.

Do you feel discouraged?

Are your problems weighing you down?

I’ve learned this principle: Never focus on your problems. Focus on your possibilities. The problems will pull you down. The possibilities will push you up.

God wants you to relocate from your comfort zone to your courage zone.

May your dreams come true,


*This article taken from Kerygma Magazine November 2019 issue*

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