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Gos’s Image of You by Joel Saludares

I was working on a Saturday when I asked my wife, Agirl, for a favor. I needed her to do an online transfer for me. I sent her the account details.

A few minutes later, I saw the notification on my e-mail that the transfer was complete. Upon checking, I saw that she transferred P3,000 instead of P3,230.

I was a little irritated so I asked her if she read th e-mail I sent with the details. As Agirl passed me by, I noticed that her eyes were red. I heard her sob a little too, so I asked her what was wrong. She blurted out, “Why can’t I do anything right? Why do I feel stupidevery time you ask me to do something?”

That started a little fight between us. I told her, “Nothing I do, say, or make you feel can ever define who you are. Yes, I love you with my all, but it is only God who can define who you are. Not me, not even you.”

Friend, how do you see yourself? How do you know yourself? Know that no matter what the world says, it’s only God—who created you—should define who you truly are.

Not even what you think or say about yourself should define you.

To love yourself means to love who you are. But formany of us, it’s difficult to love ourselves. Why? Because we allow others to define us. We allow the world to define us. We even allow ourselves to define who we are. And oftentimes, our view is very different from the way God created us and how He sees us.

To love yourself, you need to improve your inner voice. Remember this inner view of yourself will be the reflection of your outside self. So how can you have a better self-image? It’s important to remove your negative self-belief. I’ve always believed that there is an innate goodness in everyone. Know that you are not perfect, because only God is perfect. But when He looks at us, He seesperfection in us. Why? Because He created us. Stop calling yourself names and do not believe the names that others call you. Remember that if there’s one label we have, it’s that we’re God’s most special creation.

Lastly, while we are not perfect and we make mistakes, we should learn to forgive ourselves. Know that whatever we do, God accepts us. He loves us and will embrace us as we are. Let’s be reminded of this always and never allow the world’s opinion to define us.

When you see a broken image of yourself, go back to God and allow Him to remind you of who you truly are.

*This article taken from Kerygma Magazine May 2019 issue*

Featured image is from Unsplashed.com.

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