The Factory of Miracles

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“For nothing will be impossible with God.”
– Luke 1:37

The Factory of Miracles

I live in a place where there are lots of factories.

During the Asian crisis of ‘97, I felt so sad because a lot of those factories closed down.

I felt sorry for them. They had these big machines.

They had these conveyor belts. They had an army of delivery vans in the parking lot. But they didn’t produce anything.

Some factories were still running, but were producing only one-fourth of their output. They weren’t running on full capacity.

Today, the economy is better.

And those machines are running again at full-speed.

Those vans are delivering goods again. Those factories are producing products again. It’s wonderful to see them.

Friend, you’re a factory of miracles.

That’s how God made you.

But perhaps the factory is closed down. Or the factory is running at a fraction of its full capacity.

Today, God will revive your factory of miracles.

Today, I speak abundance into your life.

I command that your factory of miracles start running again.

I declare that your life will produce more miracles than you dreamed possible.

Friend, you’re a factory of miracles.

Keep asking.

Keep acting.

And produce your miracles.

Excerpt taken from How to Be a Blessing Magnet: 8 Simple Steps to Attract the Miracles You Need Every Day

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