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Be in the Moment By Isis Umali

I guess there’s more to life than just being down here on the ground crawling, rushing, and competing with other crawlers to eat greens every day,” said the hungry caterpillar named Cathy. That thought was stored in her heart.

Cathy woke up one morning and did something unusual. While all the other crawlers were rushing to the place where all the greens were, Cathy took her time and crawled slowly. When she looked to her right, she saw flowers blooming. When she looked to her left, she saw some bunnies jumping. When she looked up, her eyes got bigger, for she had never seen the sky as beautiful as it was right at that moment. Birds soared high and butterflies fluttered their wings in the air. The desire to become a butterfly came to Cathy in an instant.

Suddenly, a butterfly landed on the flower near her. “How do I become like you?” Cathy asked. “You have to take things slow, and only then you will know,” said the beautiful butterfly. Cathy worked hard every day to take things slow. She took her time, finding joy to learn and appreciate every little thing around her. She discovered who she really was.

One day, Cathy climbed up a tree and hung herself upside down from a leaf. She spun and covered herself with a silky cocoon until she became a shiny chrysalis. Cathy transformed into a butterfly. Finally, she was ready. She fluttered her beautifully colored wings. She flew as high as she could, with her heart smiling and grateful for being able to take things slow. She realized that the most beautiful things come to those who are patient enough to wait for it.

Here is a simple activity that can help you appreciate the things around you—both big and small:

  1. In the morning, go out to your garden or stand by an open window. Feel the ground or the floor. Feel the wind that touches your skin and the warm embrace of the sun. Just be aware of everything that surrounds you.
  2. Get your pen and paper. Jot down your experience— you’ll be surprised to discover the lessons you can learn from.

Our world is in a rush. We think too much, want too much, work hard too much, and most of the time, we forget the joy to just “be.” Take things slow and be mindful of things at the moment and discover and rediscover the beauty that’s within you.

*This excerpt is taken from Fish Magazine V.18.09*
Grab your e-copy here.

Featured image is from Unsplash.com.

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