Brave Heart: Why God Entrusts Us with Trials

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Brave Hearts by Aryzsa Lado

Back in college, I took up accountancy and dreamt of becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) someday. My plans were set and laid out in my mind. What I thought as a smooth-sailing journey turned out to be a rough one with many blocks and humps along the way. After my second year,

I took the retention exam for our program. I was nervous yet hopeful that this is just an obstacle to surpass and I’d be able to continue what I started. But everything crumbled down when

I failed the exam. All my plans were smashed in one snap. Suddenly, I feared I won’t be able to fulfill my dreams. I feared my family will be disappointed with me. I feared how people will judge me. I was a consistent honor student in high school, but now, I can’t even continue the program I have chosen to pursue in college.

It was during those moments when God spoke to my heart. Through the teachings at The Feast, a Catholic prayer gathering, and the help of my family and closest friends, I realized how I’ve been so invested in the dream I planted for myself. I learned that God’s plans are better than ours. When things don’t happen the way we expect, it’s His way to redirect us toward the best things He plans for us. So, I hold on to the renewed hope in my heart.

I shifted to a new major—management accounting. At first, I just went with the flow, completing my remaining years in college. But God is faithful. He fulfilled His promise by placing a new dream in my heart. I got motivated and persevered in life. I was more confident knowing that God is with me. I found joy in studying and gained peace in my heart. I was blessed to share victories and struggles with my blockmates. I learned that bravery means admitting the times we fail but still trusting in our God who never fails.

Moreover, who would have thought that I would say yes to be the head of the youth ministry and introduce Jesus to young people? During my graduation year, I received an international certification as a management accountant. Not only that, I’m also working in my dream company doing the things only a CPA can do, and I have a familial relationship with my colleagues, which I prayed for. Truly, greater things happen after the heartbreak and pain. I am glad and grateful that I got up after hitting rock bottom. Embracing the pain and believing that better days are coming is a manifestation of bravery.

As I pursued Christ in my life, another problem arose. I found myself stuck in a relationship that didn’t help me in my spiritual journey. I felt spiritually dry because most of my time was spent dating and talking. I spent less time praying and more time arguing. The same things happened over and over again. Until one day, God spoke to me—I needed to let go of the relationship. It wasn’t an easy decision. I was afraid of hurting the person who loved me, especially when I didn’t have obvious grounds to end things. In this trying time, my faith was challenged. But I held on to one sure thing—God’s voice. Things appeared uncertain, but with fervent prayers and the support of my safe friends, I ended the relationship. I surrendered my fears in God’s hands, trusting Him to take care of it.

You see, being brave doesn’t mean that we do not have any fear. But it is acknowledging our fears, admitting that we are weak, and accepting God’s grace to flow as we surrender to Him. Being brave is not the absence of fear but the presence of faith.

Being fearless is not about doing things alone but having our safe friends around us. In times of fear, we can always count on them to listen and remind us how far we’ve come.

Being fearless is not about the times we have fallen but the times we get up after every fall.

Being fearless is not all about winning but also waiting for God’s best.

Being fearless means we are at peace with all the uncertainties of the future because the purpose God has put in our hearts is certain. When the situation becomes rough and everything seems overwhelming, God is saying He is not done yet.

To be fearless is to let go.

To be fearless is to let God’s will be done.

To be fearless is to trust.

To be fearless is to love. Even though we are afraid, we’ll continue to love more than our fears.

To be fearless is to let God be God over our entire life. Whatever life throws at us, we’ll be able to declare, “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1).

Are you ready to be fearless?

*This excerpt is taken from FiSH magazine V.18.02 | 2020
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