Do You Like Yourself?

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If I ask you that question, I hope you say, “Yes, Brother Bo, I like myself and I love myself.”

Because after forty years in ministry, I noticed that most people suffer from F.O.P.O.-Fear of People’s Opinion.

We crave and long for people to like us. Subconsciously, we dress the way we dress so people will like us. We do the things we do so people will like us. We buy the things we buy and own the things we own so people will like us.

It’s miserable. At the end of the day, you’ll get tired. You’ll get tired of trying to make people like you. If your self-esteem, identity, and self-worth are based on the idea that people should like you, you’re on shaky ground.

You have to like yourself. Liking yourself is a thousand, million, or even zillion times more important than other people liking you.

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, I met this TV personality. During her heyday, she had a daily TV show. She was the darling of media. She was so popular. But I met her after her fame. She told me, “I was on everybody’s lips before. Every day, they mentioned my name because of my top-rating TV show. But then it was all gone. When I walked into a mall, the grandmother and other older people knew me. But the children ask who I am.”

Ouch! Her fans have disappeared.

Some people ask me, “Brother Bo, how does it feel to have thousands of followers? Thousands of people listen to you. Doesn’t it get to your head?” And I tell them, “All of my fans will soon disappear like a morning mist.” I don’t look for fans. I look for friends. Because friends stay, but fans come and go.

The key is to decide to love and like yourself.

Why? Because God loves you and likes you. You have to learn to value yourself the way God values you. This is what supports your self-worth, self-identity, and self-esteem.

God’s love for you is an unshakable foundation.

Take the hint. If God loves you and likes you, you should learn to love and like yourself as well.

There are two things you need to run after in life, instead of running after people so they will like you.

Number one: Seek God’s pleasure. Instead of seeking to please other people, it’s more important to please God.

Number two: Seek the respect of your inner circle-your spouse, children, and close friends. Be bothered if the people who like you are outside of your circle, like your customers, acquaintances, and other friends. Be bothered if your inner circle does not like you because they are the people who know you and your family. Seek their respect. How? Live by your values. Follow God. Follow your conscience.

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