Dilly-dally Not!

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For the time to reap has come…
– Revelation 14:15

We travel a lot. Although my husband never complains, I know one of the things he doesn’t like about me is that I love to dilly-dally. I always pack things and fix myself at the last minute, so he ends up waiting until I am all set and ready.

I am sure the Lord is way more understanding and patient than my husband, but when the time comes that He needs to get me and take me Home, I hope that I’ll be totally prepared and ready. Surely, I cannot ask God to wait!

We are all travelers in this world and have yet to reach our final destination. Let’s enjoy the journey, but let us also make sure that we are geared up to face the Lord when it’s time for Him to call us. He has given us a lifetime to prepare for His coming, so let us not waste time fooling around.  After all, we really don’t know when He will come.

Let’s live each day always ready, in anticipation of that glorious moment when we will finally see Him face to face. Jane Gonzales-Rauch (mgr516@gmail.com)

Reflection: Are you loving this world too much? It’s more fun in God’s heavenly Kingdom, so you’d better shape up and prepare for that.

Lord Jesus, I look forward to spending eternity with You.  Help me to get ready and make me worthy to be with You forever.

*This was taken from Didache Daily Bible Reflections (November 25, 2014). If you want to avail Didache 2016 click here or call us at 725-9999. 

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