The Ugly Side of Quitting Your Job

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I never regretted my decision to quit my job. It’s been one of the best, happiest, and most rewarding decisions I’ve made. I thank God every day for the opportunity He gave me to do what I love every single day.

But — Ok, there’s a big but — it’s not all a bed of roses.

When I quit my job, I was ecstatic and relieved. It felt like being released from the prisons of the corporate world. I didn’t have to wake up early and rush to the office. I could wake up anytime and sleep for as long as I wanted. After all, I was already my own boss and I had more than enough savings to tide me over.

So I would wake up at 8 or 9 a.m. The entire day, I would just relax. I’d read a book. Watch funny YouTube videos. Go to a coffee shop. Take my sweet time. There was no structure and I had no discipline.

This went on for a couple of weeks. Then I started to feel lost. I wasn’t productive. I had no regular source of income unlike when I was an employee. I wanted to hang out with my friends during office hours, when traffic was light. But alas, I had no one to hang out with because most of them were employed and were free after office hours when Manila’s traffic was unbearable. Since I was just home most of the time, I had no office mates I could chat with during the day. Boredom hit me!

But wait, there’s more! When you quit your job and you become your own boss, you will probably work longer and harder at your business than when you were an employee. Because now you’re responsible for everything. If your business fails, you fail. When you were an employee, you only had to worry about your particular tasks. Once you become your own boss, you take charge of administration, operations, marketing, sales, and customer service of your own business or freelance career.

Did I burst your bubble yet? Don’t worry; let’s balance things out.

The Beautiful Side of Being Self-Employed

Since I quit my job almost four years ago, I had been working from home most of the time. Recently, I rented an office that’s walking distance from the condo where I live. I designed my office in such a way that it’s conducive for writing, shooting videos, recording podcasts, brainstorming, and conducting mini workshops. I also made sure I’d have privacy, enough to take naps during the day.

Today, I write books, newsletter articles for Bo Sanchez’s TrulyRichClub, talks, blog posts, my speeches for Toastmasters, etc. Since writing is my passion, I don’t consider it work at all.

I teach people how to write books through the 90-Day Book Writing Challenge. I’m so happy whenever I’m able to write and publish a book. But I get a different high when I see the students of my online course write and publish their own books. Oh, you should see how proud and happy they and their families were during their book launches! (I can also help you write your book in 90 days — even if you’re not a writer. Check the details at www.shanacino. com/write.)

What I like about working from home or at my nearby office is how simple life is. There’s no traffic. The work environment is both homey and conducive. I don’t need to skimp on vacations since I can literally work or write anywhere.

I regularly schedule “workations.” It means “work plus vacation.” I go out of town, check into a hotel, and stay there for a week or two. My agenda? To write books. To run my business from there. To read books. To create modules and courses. To generate ideas. To plan. It’s fun! I’d go home happy because the workation was productive! In fact, this book is a product of my workations in Palawan, Laguna, and Isabela.

When I get sleepy, I take a nap. When I get hungry, I eat my snacks. I have a big sofa in my office where I can lie down and take power naps during the day. I also have a mini ref for storing healthy food and drinks.

When I was an employee, I get to visit our province only during long weekends or holidays. My vacations would usually be short — not longer than three or four days. Today, I can go home to our province and spend time with my family anytime and for as long as I want.

I relax in the middle of the day if I want to. In short, I have the freedom to chart my own course, do what I love to do, and spend as much time as I want with my family and friends.

When I have an idea about a new book, a seminar I want to organize, or a talk I want to deliver, I go ahead and do so. I love that freedom! I enjoy the liberty to implement my plans without asking for approval from a human boss. I report to a Divine Boss who supports my plans!

Today, I pursue my passion and purpose full-time. I feel so alive, happy, and free!

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