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How to Kick-Start Vlogging By Niño and Erika Ventura

We are content creators of the Youtube basketball channel called “Hype
Streetball.” This channel currently has 333,000 subscribers and millions of hits.

Niño also has a personal channel called “Lil Flash” with 70,000 subscribers and
a third channel called “Nino Ventura Films” where he shares tips about vlogging gears and videography.

So do you want to do vlogging but don’t know how to start one? Here are some tips:

1. Vlog about your passion that you think can bless others

What are you passionate about? Do you like to draw, play the violin, or cook? Or you just love giving your opinion on things? Whatever it is, choose what you love
to do and make it the main topic of your vlog.

Best to identify a “niche” content. Meaning, something that stands out from the rest.

2. Be committed

Vlogging is enjoyable at first. But, eventually you’ll be discouraged by the
ow viewership or subscribers. Only those who are committed will push on and persevere.

All YouTube content creators go through this phase. Our tip: Do not quit. Don’t let viewership be the sole reason why you want to vlog. Because someone somewhere needs your content and once the right people get access to it, you have the opportunity
o bless them.

3. Invest in the right gears

It’s OK to start with your mobile camera and edit using free mobile
apps (we recommend In Shot). But eventually, if you aspire to share valuable content, you need to invest in a good camera, microphone, and lights.

Why? If you want more people to hear and watch your content, you need to first grab their attention. The clearer your audio and visuals are, the longer they stay watching your videos.

4. Don’t focus on money

Many would like to vlog because they want to earn a lot of money. But they quickly realize that it’s not as easy as it seems.

If money is your motivation for creating a vlog, we assure you, you’llbe quitting in no time. Because it takes years of content creation and regular thoughtful experimentationto build a channel and grow a community.

Our tip: just keep on creating worthwhile content and don’t focus on the money.

5. Create a community

YouTube is community driven. It you are going to make your own channel, prepare to connect with people who watch your content. Make your viewers your subscribers and eventually your community members who can also be your superfans.

In creating and nurturing a community, you’ll be able to target your content toward them. In effect, they will recommend content they want you to create. It’s important to listen to your viewers while staying true to your topic.

Vlogging is very enjoyable but be ready to do hard work and research. Start by watching other content creators. Consume content before you create content. Be inspired and then start doing your own style.

For us, being content creators is a responsibility. We are given this platform to influence people. Therefore, we take it seriously. We don’t make content decisions for popularity. Instead, we always look for community impact—content that can contribute to our viewers’ betterment.

If you need help to start you own vlog, reach out to us via e-mail at

Happy vlogging!

*This excerpt is taken from Fish Magazine V.18.08*
Grab your e-copy here.

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