Beauty Tips We Can Pass on to Our Daughters

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By Kristine Taton

Having a daughter is the greatest blessing God ever gave me. But admittedly, it’s also the heaviest responsibility. Raising a daughter would mean that she would look up to her mom for everything about girlhood and, eventually, womanhood. The pressure is real! I am not the most beautiful woman my daughter will ever see, but in my humble life experience, here’s what I would impart to her:

Natural is beautiful. Cliché but true. I want my daughter to mind how she presents herself but not to think that she must change her natural hair, skin color, eye color, or whatever just for other people to believe she’s beautiful. I’ve straightened my hair for many years because of societal pressure. I wore colored contact lenses because I thought I looked prettier with them, even if my eyes would dry up. Hopefully, my daughter will not feel the same pressure. If it’s only for vanity and not for health, I wouldn’t want her to think that her natural self is not good enough.

Love your body—you only have one. I’ve had a lovehate relationship with my body, primarily because of vanity and society’s perception of “fat.” But now that I’ve survived COVID-19, one minor surgery, a cesarian section, and breastfeeding, I’ve learned to love and appreciate my body more. A woman’s body is simply amazing. It’s miraculous. (Producing ounces and ounces of milk for a baby? Just wow.) I don’t want my daughter to be ashamed of her body just because it doesn’t “meet” societal standards. God created the body for a purpose. Love it, embrace it, and take care of it.

Your smile beats any makeup. A woman’s genuine, sincere smile is very attractive. It lights up any room and can spread positivity to people around her. I want my daughter to have the biggest smile, even the loudest laugh. I want her to express her joy and share it with those whom she loves.

As mothers to our beautiful daughters, we are not just their moms but also their best friend. We should be that friend who reminds them that they are beautiful every day. We’re the friend who comforts them when they feel insecure. And, of course, we’re the friend who shares the best beauty tips with them.

“Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”

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