Adulting Tips for 2019: Alternative Income Options

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Why do you need to sell a product or service even if you think you’re not a sales person? Because selling something can give you big rewards. It’s a job that doesn’t care about your credentials. As long as you have big dreams and a strong will, you can be productive in sales.

What does it mean to be in sales? Basically, selling is solving other people’s problems. This is the message of this book—find something that will solve someone’s problem and you can earn from it.

I have a simple business philosophy: I find a way to sincerely help my clients solve their problems, and the money and referrals follow.

In a previous chapter, I discussed the Joseph Principle where Egypt needed to save one-fifth or twenty percent of the harvest as preparation for the time of famine. Here’s the continuation of that story: “So now, with severe famine all over the world, Joseph opened up the storehouses and sold grain to the Egyptians and to those from other lands who came to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph” (Genesis 41:56-57).

That portion set aside from the harvest did not only save the Eyptians but also earned extra income for Egypt as some of the harvested crop was sold to neighboring areas.

Joseph may not have given food for free, but he solved the famine problem, saved people from going hungry, and helped Egypt earn money. If you have good intentions, you don’t need to be afraid of selling. It’s about having the right mindset and motivation. Selling becomes easier if your purpose for doing it is clear.

Clear your mind and believe that selling creates a culture and cycle of helping. When you have a successful sale, you help your client, you help your finances, and you help the family you love. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Alternative Income Options

Financial Advisor: A financial advisor earns anywhere from two to forty-five percent commission based on the product and company he is associated with.

I know of dentists and doctors who have left their profession to focus on this career.

Multilevel Marketing: Some people call it networking, which has a bad reputation because of the pyramid schemes that have come and gone through the years.

A reputable multilevel marketing company doesn’t sell memberships. Instead, they sell good products that help you with a specific need.

MLMs give high sales commissions. Just don’t fall for the expensive lifestyle that some organizations promote.

Real Estate: The housing and condominium market in the Philippines and other emerging countries are growing rapidly.

The commission for each sold unit is approximately two percent minimum but it differs from the company to company. Imagine a conservative scenario where you are able to sell a P10 million-condo and you get a two percent commision. One closed sale can actually pay for all your debts. But closing that one big sale is not easy.

All three options above will give you free training in sales and will teach you how to properly deal with potential customers.

Choose the right side hustle for you. Earn from it and grow it!

By the way, if you need help in registering your business, my team can guide you. E-mail me at

Action Steps:

“For every action there is an equal reaction and opposite reaction.” – Isaac Newton

1. Write five side hustle options you wish to try.
2. What side hustle can help you earn well and enable you to bless a lot of people?

*This excerpt is taken from How to Overcome Financial Stress by JPaul Hernandez.
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