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The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I lack.
– Psalm 23:1


          Can you live without your cell phone? Can you last a week without checking your Facebook account? These were things I couldn’t live without. But what if everything is taken away from you, including your freedom? What else are you left with?

          I was kidnapped. I was tied up. I slept on grass and dirt. Having a gun pointed at you can surely change your priorities.

         Money, gadgets, a cozy bed and clean clothes — suddenly, I didn’t need all that. But there was something the kidnappers weren’t able to take from me — my faith — and it was all I actually needed.

        I turned to Jesus. My fear transformed into peace and surrender. I told myself if I was rescued, praise God; if I were to die, praise God. I visualized heaven and I was even excited to see my Maker. Ironically, it was during my captivity when I felt this intense liberation from all the worries of the world. Thinking there’s a great chance I was going to die freed me from my attachment to worldly things.

        After six days, I was rescued. This precious event taught me that “the Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I lack.” Carlo Lorenzo (

Reflection: There are things we think we need and worry so much about. Allow Jesus to change your perspective.

Jesus, I fix my eyes on You.

*This was taken from Didache Daily Bible Reflections (October 12, 2014). If you want to avail Didache 2016 click here or call us at 725-9999. 


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