Pray. Fast. Give.

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by Bo Sanchez

How many of you are excited about summer? We all are! But before summer comes, there is a “season” in the Church when we remember Jesus who died on the cross to save us—the season of Lent.

So before you take that much-needed break, reconnect first with Jesus.

Do you know how much He loves you? You’re missing a lot if you’re not aware of that, if you don’t receive His love, and don’t have a personal relationship with Him.

Lent is the best time to allow Jesus into your life, so open up to Him. Let Him spend time with you.

You just need to go back to the basics:

  1. Pray. Spend more time talking and listening to Jesus. If safety protocols allow, visit Him at the Blessed Sacrament chapel. Go to Mass online or via TV other than Sunday. Write in your journal, listen to inspirational songs, and pray to Him in your own, simple way.

Why pray? So that we can know, follow, and love Jesus more

  1. Fast. To fast is to avoid eating the usual full meal that we eat. Some just eat a piece of bread and drink water the whole day. But you can also fast from things like fighting with your siblings, gossiping, lying, and cheating. Those are more meaningful ways to fast.

Why fast? To be crucified on the cross is a sacrifice only Jesus can do. But you can also do small sacrifices for Him by fasting and doing good.

  1. Give. The Bible says that God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). He blesses us with more than enough to share with others.

Feed a hungry street kid. Buy sampaguita from a vendor and offer it to Mama Mary. Donate a part of your savings to charity.

Why give? Because it is only when your hands are empty that God can fill them up with more blessings.

Sure, Lent is boring, serious, and tedious with all its rituals and traditions. But if you understand what they mean, you will see what a wonderful season Lent truly is.

Sometimes, beneath the things we don’t like lies a surprise gift. So give the Lenten season a chance. You might be surprised to see a treasure trove of faith, grace, hope, and love that God placed within you just waiting to be discovered.

*This excerpt is taken from “Fish Magazine March 2022

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