Fear or Love?

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Have you ever asked, “Will I still have a job in five years?”
Or, “Will my company survive?”
Or, “How can I put food on the table?”
Hey, you’re normal.
Fear is normal in a crisis.
But if there’s one thing I realized about fear, it’s always self-directed.
You might say, “Brother Bo, I’m thinking of my loved ones. They’re sick. They need my help. That’s why I’m afraid. It’s not self-directed.”

I understand how you feel. It’s not selfish.
But it’s still self-directed.
Let me tell you why.
Years ago, my sister had cancer and her condition was deteriorating. So I prayed, “No, Lord, please don’t take her yet. Please!” I was afraid and I was holding on to her.
But one day, I felt God speak to me. He said, “Stop thinking about yourself, about what you want. Love her. What is the best for her?”
At the time, my sister was in a lot of pain. And I knew that being released from that pain was the best for her. But I didn’t want to let her go. And that’s my point: All fear is self-directed.
The only antidote to fear is love. (See 1 John 4:18.)

Friend, are you afraid?
There is only one antidote: Allow God to love you.

Make a decision to receive His love.
And when you receive it, you turn around and give it to others.
That’s the only way to get rid of fear.

Here’s a second story.
When I was thirty years old, my businesses were failing. But I had one big reason why I never gave up: I had a purpose.
I founded my small businesses because I wanted to help our growing ministries. There was so much need!
I said, “Lord God, my businesses cannot fail. They’re failing right now, but I will never give up until they succeed because there are so many needs in our ministries.”
So I kept working to earn more so I could provide for our missionary work.
If I just wanted to provide for myself and put food on the table, I would have stopped growing my businesses. But it was my love for others that pushed me to say, “I will not fail. I will keep on keeping on!”

Even today, when my businesses are bigger than they’ve ever been (we have almost two hundred employees), I still have some days when worry fills my heart. Will we be able to survive?
But do you know how fear disappears?
I tell myself, “I’ll never give up no matter what happens.”
Why? Because I love the people I’m helping.
I love my staff. I love the ministries that my businesses are supporting. And I tell myself, “We will grow bigger because we have a big love.”

This or That: Tiny Choices to Uncomplicate Your Life is the first installment in the FullTank Book Collection. My prayer is that by reading this book, God Himself will give you a full tank of His love for the long journey ahead of you. – Bo Sanchez

*This excerpt was taken from THIS OR THAT by Bo Sanchez, available in paperback and e-book copy at http://www.feastbooks.ph!

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