3 Life Exercises You Need to Do to Find Your Purpose

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“You have to do what you love to do, not get stuck in that comfort zone of a regular job.
Life is not a dress rehearsal. This is it.”
– Lucinda Basset

In finding your purpose, there are three essential questions that you need to answer clearly:

First, find out what you are passionate about. This answers the question, “What do you love doing?”

Most of the time (if not all the time), it is something that you are willing to do and perform for free. You end up being consumed by it mainly because you just love doing it, and are not driven by the financial reward attached to it.

Another aspect to be aware of is it comes very natural to you, almost second nature. People around you compliment you that you were born to do this. You find yourself in the flow or in the groove every time you do it. You find it very easy to focus when you do it. And you hit the ground running, even without any sufficient support or resources that you may need to complete it successfully.

Second, find the areas where you have the most potential to grow. This answers the question, “What do you love learning?”

You may have the natural talent to do it, but it takes more than talent to be the best at what you do. It takes discipline to hone your talent. It takes grit to go through the daily grind to improve what you’re doing. But then again, you find yourself motivated to do it despite and in spite of the challenges of mastering it. Finding ways to learn and relearn it comes naturally for you, too. You see yourself as one of the best at doing it, not for the sake of pride or profit, but simply because of your love for it.

Third, find the value that you think the market will pay you for. This answers the question, “What do you love serving?” The sweet spot is when you profit from serving your purpose.
To many (including me at first), it seems that reading the words “profit” and “service” in the same sentence do not go well together. Most of us have been programmed to avoid talking about money and the issues that come with it. It seems that if we are openly discussing money, we might end up being painted as a greedy person.

But I’ve learned from the greats, the top performers, and the different captains of industry that money is merely a reflection of our core. It amplifies who we are within. So if we are good at our core, then money becomes a resource to make the world a better place to live in.

On the other hand, if we are bad at the core, then money becomes a resource for corruption and a fuel to feed our greed.

Another lesson that I learned from the greats and in my own life is that money is a measure of our value — the value that we offer to the people and the world around us. If you were to ask the game changers and leaders in their fields, they never started out with money as the main reason why they offered their products and services. Nor will you find making money in their mission statement. The money that followed their success was a direct result of the value they offered to the market. They sought to solve problems and make the lives of their customers easier or better than before. Then and only then did they find money coming their way.

So you have this natural gifting and you can become the best at it. Can you see yourself getting compensated for it without any guilt or pressure? Again, it is never about the financial reward, but serving your gift is the reward in itself.

LIFE EXERCISES: Find Your Purpose

Life Exercise 1: Know it

In your journal, list the top three things that you find a natural gifting for. Place a score beside each talent, where 3 is assigned to the number one talent, then 2 to the second, and 1 to last talent that you ranked.

Ask two more people who you trust to rate you on the three talents that you listed using the same scoring system. After you have gathered all the scores, add the total scores for each of your three talents. The talents that garners the highest score is your top talent.

Life Exercise 2: Master it

After identifying your top talent, figure out a way to learn more about it. Calendar your learning into your schedule. Have dedicated chunks of your daily time to hone and master your top talent. Start with at least dedicating one hour a day, then gradually increase it as you go.

Life Exercise 3: Serve it

If you find yourself already doing it, in your work or daily routine, then ask for more responsibility so that you can put your learnings to the test. If you don’t find yourself doing it, then find an opportunity in your current company or outside organization to do it. If you need to do it full time and there is no opportunity to do so where you’re at right now, then transfer to another organization.

If you can afford to do it part time, then find an opportunity to showcase and do it for free at first. Then work your way up by starting to charge for it. Research on how much other people in your field are charging for their services so you’ll have a guide or a benchmark.

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