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“Teach us to number our days, O Lord, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
— Psalm 90:12

Live the Life You Want

Every time I go to Anawim, our home for the abandoned elderly, my heart bleeds for the old folks there. Many of them weren’t always poor. Some were government employees. Some were teachers — one was even a principal. Another was a dentist. They were earning well and even supported relatives with their salaries.

But one day, their income stream dried up. And the nieces and nephews that they sent to school were nowhere to be found.

Suddenly they found themselves on the street.

What’s my point?

Don’t let what happened to them happen to you.

Personally, I’ve made it my personal mission to help the employees of our ministries to retire as multimillionaires. I’ve created an investment program where a part of their monthly salary is invested in the stock market. And my employees are on their way to retire as very wealthy people.

Why wait till you’re 65? Why start fulfilling the dream that God has placed in your heart? Why wait until you’ve lived majority of your life living the life you never wanted in the first place?

Why not retire early and live the life you want to live?

Friend, I hope to see you in Anawim in 10 or 20 or 30 years — not as someone needing shelter but as a very generous donor who will share your blessings to the poor.

Because you retired and are living the life of your dreams.

Plan for your retirement now and be wealthy and worthy in your old age — living the life you want to live.

Excerpt by Bo Sanchez is taken from the Foreword of How to Become a Happy Retiree by Dean Pax Lapid




My friend Dean Pax wrote this transformational book, How to Become a Happy Retiree. He is the business mentor of the Truly Rich Club, retired at 43 years old — wealthy and worthy — to follow his passion, spend more time with his family, grow his businesses, and serve God even more.

Today, he is richer and blessed more than ever before. (The guy now runs many businesses — an IT company, fuel

distribution, and even a power plant, among others.)

Let this book guide you into finally claiming the life you deserve to have!

Live a Fantastic Life,


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  1. judelyn c. francisco

    Im 39 yrs and working in the government for almost 15 yrs and until now i dont have any savings. I want to engage part of my salary in the stock market. i also have problem with my credit cards.

  2. reina

    Hi I’m reina. I want to ask for info regarding investing in the stock market. Thank you.

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