How Do I Stop the Pain?

My daughter had broken up with her boyfriend and was bawling. When I saw her swollen eyes, my heart broke as well. I said to myself, Why not try the NLP technique on her? If it failed, at least I had tried — and my reputation would be intact because no one would know.

After a brief prayer, I asked her, “Catherine, would you like to be relieved of this pain?” She looked at me with bewilderment and said, “Of course, Dad.”

“I just learned an NLP technique that will accelerate the fading of painful memories. There is nothing to lose. If it works, then you’ll feel better,” I said. (Hmmm, she will be my first patient.)

She must have been desperate enough because she agreed to the crazy ideas of her dad. I asked her to close her eyes so she could concentrate — and I could read my notes.

Honestly, I was doubtful it would work. And not knowing the steps by heart, I had to take my notes in my hand and I did the steps on her while reading my workbook.

After going through the process, I asked her, “How do you

feel?” She said, “I still feel the same. It still hurts so much.”

My heart sank. Under my breath, I said, “I knew it. It doesn’t work.” I went back to my workbook. It said that if it doesn’t work the first time, I should do it again. So I asked my daughter to relax and try harder to follow the steps.

I did it a second time.

And this time, I noticed a change in her facial expression. I asked her again, “How are you?” and she said, “Wow, Dad, I truly feel relieved and not as sad anymore. Thank you!”

The following morning, she felt a lot better and was almost her bubbly, joyful self again. It really worked!


Another Love Problem

The next day, Catherine asked me to talk to her friend, Michelle, who had also broken off with her boyfriend. Michelle was still feeling terrible about her breakup even after many, many months.

Will this be my specialty? I wondered. Will I be a heartbreak doctor?

She told me, “Dad, if it worked for me then it should work for her too.”

“OK,” I said, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

She pulled me to her room and, to my surprise, her friend,

Michelle was on Skype. (We were in Jakarta and her friend was in Manila.) I murmured to myself, “Gosh, only my second case and I have to do it online?”

But I really wanted to help. And since this was my daughter’s friend, I did what I could.

After chatting for a while, I proceeded with the session.

After a few minutes, I was amazed that I could see Michelle’s face change even just through Skype. After the session, Michelle said,

“Wow, Uncle, I’ve never felt this much peace in the two years since our breakup.” I couldn’t believe it. My heart was leaping for joy just seeing what had happened right in front of me — to a person many miles away.

I asked Catherine to keep checking up on Michelle. I was still skeptical and thought that the effect might wear off. But it didn’t.

Michelle continued to be at peace. Days after, weeks after, months after. Just like Catherine had also gotten rid of her pain.

My success with Catherine and Michelle made me a believer and drove me to be bolder in doing the NLP techniques for other people who had painful memories.


“A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will

put within you.” (Ezekiel 36:26)

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  1. Ria Antonette Berin Diazon

    i dont know what trauma i have but i know there is some trauma buried deep within me..pls heal me

  2. Grace Lao-Yap

    Hi…I have a lot of traumas….boat ride….plane ride….typhoons….now earthquake….please include me in your healing sessions…..I want to be healed. I look forward to a respons. thank you so much. Jesus loves you

  3. al anthony carolino

    This is really an amazing knowledge that i have learned. i meet Jojo at Ormoc Leyte and all of us in that small session was shocked from what Jojo is showing to us. He relieved a man from his phobia in just 15 minute, and that is so amazing. Buying the book in just 250 pesos is really a wise deal. From its content this book could cost more, if you ask me. Thank you Jojo from this knowledge.

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